Saturday, May 22, 2010

Again, I've been remiss...

As I had alluded to in my last post, I was planning on a great vacation to someplace I've always wanted to go to... Got my new Passport, airline tickets were reserved and on May 4th, I departed Miami International Airport to Los Angeles where I changed planes to a Boeing 747 Qantas flight to Brisbane, Australia with a connecting flight to Adelaide. 20 hours later a very tired Ranger Tom stepped of the plane to greet a good "Mate", Eddie and begin my Aussie adventure!
I spent the first week in Adelaide with several mates, and had a fantastic time! More pictures of that leg of the journey to come, but what can be said I was welcomed with warm arms by my fellow brothers... Once a Soldier, always a Soldier, no matter what Army you've served in! They even gave me a plaque making me an Honorary Aussie!

So, after a few days in Adelaide, it was back on another flight to Brisbane, to meet up with another mate who showed me around the Sunshine Coast north of the city and really made me feel at home...

Above the beach in Mooloolaba, Queensland

After a few days around Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, my mate took me camping on Fraser Island, and I've got to say if anything is Paradise on earth, it's there on Fraser Island! Wild Dingoes all around and a fantastic place... I didn't want to leave!

Well, now I'm back in Adelaide for about nine more days... Lots more pictures to post later... Me and my mate Eddie went to the Port Adelaide Railway museum the other day because you know I just can't stay away from trains for too long!

I'll be coming home on the 31st of May and will post more photos and give you all a complete rundown of my entire trip...

Until then, I'll sign off from Oz and post again in about two more weeks!

Copyright 2010 Thomas J Wolfenden