Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Back!

Yeah, I know... It's been a while.

Between the last year with work and some overseas travel, I've been really busy and really had no time to post. Spending the lion's share of that time with the most beautiful woman in the world is a huge reason...

Anyway, I'm back writing... Not going to know really how frequent it'll be, but I'll be writing as much as I can because I'll be back at work here in a few days...

Every year before I start back to work I have a complete physical... And since turning 40 I mean complete physical... Working the job I do you have to have one, which is no real problem, and since my doctor here in town is pretty cool and I can talk to him. That's a definite plus.

So yesterday I go and get my physical... Poked, prodded, vampires come and take my blood... Lab work came back normal I found out today. Still a little congested from a cold I caught on the flight from Sydney, but other than that I'm just doing spiffy!

EKG reading says the old ticker is doing fine, in fact my Doctor tells me I've got the heart of an eighteen year old, pumping along nice and strong. Lungs are clear and my flexibility is just fine. PSA is great too, no trouble passing a nice strong steam so no worries about prostate troubles.

No problems with the weight, although he did suggest I rearrange it a little and get rid of the spare tire I have, so I've started doing crunches today, which I absolutely hate. But I'm still at the optimum weight for my height, 200 lbs at 6'2" and my flexibility is really good. Which I attribute to my ongoing practice of Thai Kwan Do and Aikido I started doing while I was in the Army, which I never gave up on.

He complimented me on my full head of hair... Going a little gray now, but him being only a few years older than me and almost completely bald, told me he's quite jealous of my locks... so no worries about going bald there... for a long, long time!

Next came the "male" question... "You're pushing 46 here Tommy... Do you think you might need a little help? I can write you a script for Viagra or Cialis maybe?"

Doc, No problem there at all... I've been having the best sex of my life... I can go two and three times a day and could drive nails with the equipment, no hydraulic problems there!

So all in all I got a clean bill of health... Ticker is good, hydraulics work great and I've got a lot of years ahead of me to spend even more time with the most beautiful woman in the world!

Copyright 2011 Thomas J Wolfenden