Monday, August 07, 2006

Bits N' Pieces

A worker in the UK was fired this week via text-message on her cell phone...
Nothing like seeing someone in person and looking them in the face. But I guess that's just a little to much to ask for.
And second, Jackie Chan of Kung Fu movie fame is now going to "Tone Down" his movies. No more violence or profanity anymore.
A Kung Fu movie without at least a little gratuitous violence is like, well, pointless. That's like coffee without caffeine or beer without alcohol. What the fuck is the point?
Just a few more reasons I firmly believe the world would be a far better place without all the people.
Goddamn Political-Correctness bullshit is going to drive me insane.
Also, it now seems that Russia is pissed at us again because we're threatening sanctions. Seems that several Russian arms manufacturers are exporting arms to Iran and North Korea... Does anybody out there really buy into the whole buddy-buddy shit with them? Does anyone realize the Ol' Vlad Putin used to head up the KGB in the old Soviet Union?
I remember the Cold War...
And an update on my move. Seems I have to pay for the move out-of-pocket and the company will reimburse me after I get there. No real biggie... But they don't have an apartment ready for me yet but one is coming open at the end of the month so I'll be staying at the hotel in Clewiston again for a while, that means I'll be off line again for a few weeks. I'm trying real hard to get out of town by the 10th but I may have to stick around until the weekend. I'll keep you all abreast of everything.
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AlaskaJen said...

As long as the telephones in Clewiston still work... :o)

weatherchazer said...

Enjoy Florida! With all the political crap there, you'll have plenty to bitch- I mean rant about.

tsduff said...

waaauuughhhhh - will miss your special brand of humor.

Lisa said...

Should provide alot of great blog fodder!

Fathairybastard said...

How do you make a movie that's essentially about kickin the shit outa people without kickin the shit outa people?

Sounds like the plot of a Billy Jack movie. Everything is all hippyish and nonviolent until the rednecks pull somethin stupid. Then he snaps, and you better run.

HaringSteam said...

Holy shit! I just got back to your Blog after a while of not being on the computer - Glad to hear it about Florida! I'm actually leaving for Florida tomorrow, but will be back home on the 14th. Too bad- would have liked to visit! Oh well, maybe another time!

Take it easy man! Keep in Touch!

Dave Haring

MiMaw said...

What? How do you have a martial arts movie nonviolently? Less profanity is fine... he can't speak English anyways.

Good luck on your move to Florida.

Cheryl said...

toned down jackie chan? ew. wishing you a good move.