Thursday, August 06, 2009

A New Genocide

The fifteenth anniversary of the "Rwandan Genocide" was this year, and some predict yet another African genocide is about to unfold soon in Sudan. In South Africa, however, where the evil white supremacy of Apartheid was dismantled and black majority rule established, all is happiness, a veritable cakewalk to utopia, a socialist's dream come true...If you believe what's being told by the media here in the US, if South Africa is mentioned at all in the nightly news, which it hardly ever is.

The African National Congress, the terrorist organization run by the Communist Party that took over the country in 1994, is the main political party and shows no sign of losing power. For the foreseeable future, South Africa seems destined to be a one-party democracy run by ANC Party Apparatchiks and crony's to the ANC. I'm not going to sit here and explain it all, because I really don't know it all. I'm still learning about South Africa. What I do know is the ANC is run by a bunch of communists, and back in the early 90's when I was still in Philadelphia I was physically ill when Nelson Mandela came to my city to receive the Freedom Medal from President Clinton. I know then what he really stood for... Something I've fought against my entire life. Communism/socialism that would enslave me.

Of course, here in the US, where we actually have a democracy that (at least in theory) has two whole political parties or more, “democracy” is not quite the term for political systems dominated forever by a single party. For now.

The one thing one ever hears about South Africa is in terms of AIDS and crime. As for the former, it has more HIV-positive people than any other country in the world, and AIDS is expected to reduce life expectancy to the age of 36 by 2015. That's all you here on Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS, if South Africa gets a short 45-second mention at all.

What one never, ever hears is the truth about the systematic campaign of murder and torture carried out since 1994 against South Africa’s white farmers. Some 1,600 have already been murdered, and while the government claims it’s simply uncontrollable crime, the indications are that it’s a deliberate effort to exterminate whites and drive them off the land.

A White Genocide.

But that’s only farmers. Some estimates put the number of white Afrikaners killed by blacks since 1994 at 30,000 or more.

30,000 murders? Of white south Africans? Why isn't this on the news? Oh, that's right.

They're white.

Silly me for asking.

I beg to ask this. If this was 30,000 black farmers tortured, raped and murdered, what would the media coverage be like here in the good old US of A? And would the ObamaGod be sending Marines in like Bubba Clinton did in Sierra Leone a few years ago?

You all know the answer to that question.

Form my digging around and a little research, I've found that whites in South Africa are becoming economic slaves. They pay 80 % of personal taxes, despite earning only 50 percent of total salaries. Afrikaners as a group pay the highest portion of overall tax in South Africa, 36%, while white English~speakers pay 32 %. When he was in exile in Britain, Thibo Mbeki, South Africa President from 1999 to 2008, is reputed to have said, "We will suck the whites dry" and that is more or less what is happening. South Africa is like a small, First World economy like that of Denmark or Norway, still run by whites, but which must support a welfare state for 40 million blacks.

What is happening in South Africa is simply the deliberate transformation of a Western society, economy and political culture into a Third World Shithole. The transformation is taking place because the dominant race of white Westerners has been pushed out of power by the majority non~white, non~Western race. But as I look at it, what’s happening there is not unique.It's starting to look like it's happening here, in the Good Old US of A.

But getting back to the Genocide... I may not be the smartest man in the world. But I do see what's happening. The trillions of dollars spent in the last six months scare me. The Cap and Trade bill scares me. The Heathcare bill scares me.

But what's really scaring me is the new Socialism coming to us, the genocide of not only the white South Africans, who just want to be left alone, farm their lands and live in the only country they've known... But to us, the every~day Americans who, right under our very noses, our every thread of identity being stripped from us until one day, in the very near future, we may be next for the "Reparations" and "Taking Back" of what's "Owed" to the perceived oppressed.

You, my friends are witnessing the slow Genocide of the United Sates of America.

And the really sad part about this, and I do truly grieve for the slain South Africans, is that even now, even though there's now the slight beginnings of rumblings in the hinterlands...

No one seems to care. About the murdered farmers on the Veld, or the demise of what I really believe is the Greatest Nation on earth.

And that's truly sad.

This is the first time in my life, since their deaths, I'm glad my parents are gone.

They won't have to see this.

Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


Viking said...

This is a great piece, Ranger Tom.

Ranger Tom said...

Viking: Glad you liked. I did a lot of digging and soul-searching when I wrote this piece.

honkeie2 said...

I have read the stories about what has been going on there since 1992. I had to do a paper on it when i was in high school, so I know all about it. And also know that since the so called White Devil has been kicked out the country has just about go straight to shit......I am not making a black and white argument here I am just saying the government that was there did seem to keep things glued.

Exzanian said...

Excellent piece Ranger! This has taken you some time to research and you taught me some things I never even knew about SA.

KC117 said...

I enjoyed your article, Ranger Tom. However, I feel the need to help you to understand something. The U.S. is not a democracy, it is a republic. There is quite a difference. Take some time to reread the constitution and/or research the subject and you will find this to be true. Additionally, if you research what has been said in history about the democratic political model you could be quite surprised at what you will find. Again, great article. Thanks.

Ranger Tom said...

KC117: I know the Government that we have is supposed to be a Representative Republic, but I've used the word "Democracy" in place of "Republic" for two reasons, most people here in the Sates have no idea what a "Republic" is, despite the fact that that is our form of Government, and two, because of #1, I used it to simplify the wording without having to go into a huge Constitutional explination of the differences between a Republic and a Democracy, which would have taken away from the main points of my essay.

As a native US Citizen, and a student of the US Constitution for over 35 years, I don't need to be told the difference.

It was all in the semantics, and should in no way have any slant in how I wrote the article.