Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ain't nuthin' funny about it

I think I've broken something in my arm.
About a week ago I was getting back on my locomotive and I felt a little pain in my left arm as I was climbing the ladder. The locomotive was moving at the time and I may have overextended the arm a bit...
A sharp pain. Not a dull, achey pain like a sprained muscle.
It runs from my elbow all the way down my humerus to my wrist... And hasn't gotten any better and I'm almost out of Aleve. I've been eating them like M&M's...
I've just been soldiering on with it for the last week hoping it was just a sprain but apparently it isn't. And of course my medical doesn't kick in until the end of November.
Anyone got any Naproxin they can spare?
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


Kev said...


Tom, you're in Florida! Your state is the one where a good chunk of the Central and South American recreational pharmaceutical products and agricultural goods are imported into the country! You should be able to find better than Naproxin!

It shouldn't be too hard for you to find an independent traveling street-corner pharmacist. And if he doesn't have what you're looking for on hand, bring him an Ex-lax and a couple McDonalds cheeseburgers and he'll be happy to see what he has in back.

Anonymous said...


Your humerus is the bone in your upper arm, attaching to the radius and ulna at the elbow joint.

So, that being said, it does nothing to address your pain. I'd suggest lots of appropriate empathy from your lovely significant other, liquid pain relief, and, (and I know this is a crazy idea) maybe a trip for an x-ray?

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I published before I finished...has Florida no provision for folks without medical? As in, someplace affordable or free where you can get a freakin' xray??

Cheryl said...

Ack! Get thee to a doctor! You are clearly much better at handling pain than I am.

AlaskaJen said...

Sorry that a mountain range or two prevents more specific sympathy...but seriously if you haven't hauled yourself to a doc in the box by the time I DO get there guess what we're going to be doing instead of eating apple cake?
And no that isn't a euphemism! LOL!!

dasi said...

Tom, Tom, Tom... Two words "Worker's Compensation." Talk to your employer - they should cover your medical expenses - INCLUDING stronger pain meds!! Then talk to a work comp attorney - your job is safe because it's illegal for them to hassle you. (Of course, you knew as a paralegal I HAD to give you this advice!!)

Kat_womanx2 said...

I'm glad someone else mentioned the humerus, but it does sound like you may have cracked something...I agree..workers comp!!

tsduff said...

Ouch! Here, come over here for this extra shot of ice cold Brennivin I've set up for you. I know it will help :-D

Ranger Tom said...

Kev: I'm well aware of where I'm at and the availability of the good stuff... But I haven't touched any of that stuff since high school, besides, the job I'm in now I can't afford to be loopy. Now my drug of choice is beer or the occasional vokda~orange juice.

Ecblade: All I can say is Do'h! I meant to write "From my humerus, down my radius to my wrist..." And yes, they've got "Doc in the Box" here, but I'm a little leery about those places.

Cherly: You think I'm good at handling pain, you should have seen my dad. Broke both his arms and jammed a pipe down his throat in a fall off a 20 foot ladder and was arguing with my mom about going to the hospital or not.

AlaskaJen: If it gets worse I promise I'll go to a doctor. Right now I still have full range of motion in the arm without pain (mostly) and can function. I think it's just my healing process slowing down with my advanced age. I don't heal as quickly as I used to. And you aren't talking about Jewish Apple Cake are you????? Yum Yum!

Dasi: Thought about that, and appriciate the advice. But the company does have a policy of immediate reporting of all injuries. It's been over a week, so basically I'm out of luck. I guess I could press it, but I'm not going to make waves at a new job.

Kat: I know, I know... See my reply to Ecblade & Dasi... I'll live. Thanks for the concern though

Tsduff: Brennivin? Do I really want to know?

mist1 said...

Maybe if you ignore it, it will go away. That's what I do.

honkeie2 said...

Find a Cuban right of the raft, I am sure he can get u something better for pain ;-)