Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I know I've been remiss in writing and visiting all of your blogs in the last week or so but I've been feeling rather run down and the toll of working seven days' a week were catching up to me.

Last Thursday night into Friday morning a cold front moved through bringing with it a shitload of rain... I'm talking about 6 inches of rain in about eight hours. I've got to say this is the coldest and wettest winter here in Florida since I've been here and that rain Thursday night flooded all the sugarcane fields making it impossible for the fields crews to harvest.

So they can't harvest, they don't need train crews to bring the raw cane in, so we were laid~in for about 4 days and for the first time in about six months I had a lot of free time on my hands.

And I slept.

A lot.

Friday morning I got home and planned to putz around the house for a while, take a little nap and then head out to the Tiki Bar for a little early St. Pat's day celebration.


My head hit the pillow around 3 PM Friday afternoon and I didn't wake up until 9 AM the following Day, Saturday.

And I felt like shit.

Not hangover shitty, sick shitty.

I tried to soldier on but I was one big phlegm factory and even though I did go out for a little while Saturday night I would up back in bed around 11 PM snuggled up to a economy sized bottle of NyQuil for the rest of the weekend.

Now I'm back to work again, probably for another six weeks or so then I'll be off for another fun-filled summer of crazy fun and high~spirited antics that only I can have...

But for now, the one night I really wanted to go out and get really shitfaced I'm stuck with a screwed up sleep patterned and the need to be into work at midnight, which negates my desires to really show my Irish genes...
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Copyright 2010 Thomas J Wolfenden



Happy St Patty's Day,Tommy.
I never celebrate it.

Ranger Tom said...

Uber: Neither do I really... It's just the one day a year I can use to explain away a raging hangover...

cmk said...

I never have celebrated St Pat's Day, either--but that isn't surprising, seeing as I'm Finn. ;) And I don't even celebrate St Urho's Day--I guess I'm just one big party pooper. :D

The Husband is working every day for the rest of the month (and has been since last week), due to overtime--but then he doesn't get any till fall, the earliest. Gives him a summer that's free and clear of extra work days, which is good.

Ranger Tom said...

Cmk: Saint who? LOL And I think St. Pat's day is just an excuse for us Irish to be ourselves one day out of the year without repercussions... ;)

Kimberly said...

I think what you're trying to say is "Whaaaaaaaaa".

Happy St. Pat's.

Ranger Tom said...

Kimberly: I was NOT whining! ;)~