Saturday, May 13, 2006


After another long night at work last night (sitting at the firehouse watching TV) I decided on a few things. Sunday night ends the last full two week pay period for me and with it my last full 80 hour paycheck. If I work out the next week as planned I'll only get a 40 hour paycheck after I'm already making three times more on the railroad. And I've still got shitloads of things to do before my move next Sunday.
The owner of the company I work for now has already told me that when I leave he's doing away with the Athens Patrol (and I think that's a big mistake) so one week earlier isn't going to hurt him in the slightest. I wanted to work out my two week notice but since he's doing away with the patrol, he's taken the truck so there's no vehicle to patrol with there seems to be no point in me continuing for another week.
So after Sunday night's shift I'll be done with it. I've still got to pack and move the majority of what I've got into storage for a few weeks, clean my apartment so I'll at least get my security deposit back. I got my truck inspected and renewed my tags yesterday...
So now I'll just have seven days to finish up the things I need to do without rushing around.
One more thing. I know I said there wouldn't be anymore Deli Mart stories, but once I get moved and settled in my new place they'll be a few I've been holding back on. Because this is such a small town and everybody knows everybody I've been keeping mum on a few things I've seen... Because I don't want to be the target of a shitstorm if word got out I said anything until I was secure in a new job. I'll just put it this way, if I had written about these stories before I got the job on the railroad, I'd be cutting my own throat where I work now... And I've never been suicidal.
So stay tuned!
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Leazwell said...

Yesterday I informed my boss that I would not be returning to teach next year. With my brother's passing earlier this year I need to take a walk about. Spend more time with my family, what little there is left, and explore the right side of my brain. Other reasons for my departure that remained undisclosed are being fed up with the shenanigans of the administration and the fact that the drive is too long and the pay too short.

Red said...

Sounds like a good thing to do..

I admire people who have the patience for the "two weeks notice." The most I ever gave was a week.

Babe Bennett said...

Thanks for visiting over my way.

Good luck with all your tasks and the big move.

Sounds like you may need a good long massage when all the work is done. ;)


Ranger Tom said...

Leazwell: I really can identify. My family is rapidly shrinking also. I hope the work on the railroad will let me explore more of the right side of my brain also.

Red: It's just the right thing to do. It's the way I was raised.

Babe: You're flirting with me, aren't you?

Okie said...

Oh man. Can't wait for the deli mart stories.