Monday, May 08, 2006

Great News!!!!!!

I've been doing a long Snoopy Dance since Friday morning. My post from last week titled "Maybe" isn't a Maybe anymore.
Friday morning I finally got the phone call I'd been waiting on. The president of the railroad called and offered me the job as a conductor! I gave my two-weeks notice at work and gave notice to my landlord, worked my last weekend at the mine... All I have to do now is pack up and head north.
The really great thing is that there's a small apartment over the railroad offices in Durbin and he's extended the offer for me to stay in it free of charge for a short while until I find a place in town for myself! That takes a whole lot off my mind because it would be a logistical nightmare otherwise.
For now I'm going to put what little I have in storage, leave my firearms with a friend and take what I need right now with me. When I get a place, I'll come down and get my stuff. What's really nice is now I won't have to live paycheck to paycheck. My pay is almost tripling, and the rents in the area are about 1/3 less that around here in Athens. I might have to put off my UK trip for the time being, but not give up on it totally though.
I'm going to be starting off as a conductor on a short line running coal out of the mines to a central freight yard, then after about a year I'll be trained as an engineer. What I've always dreamed of doing ever since I was a small boy!
I'm sooooo fucking happy now I could just shit gold bricks! Triple the pay, railroad retirement, benefits, Monday through Friday, daywork! I won't know how to act! I'll actually have weekends off! I've never, ever had that before!
Here's the railroad website:
They also have several tourist lines they operate in the summer months, including a live steam locomotive that I'll also get a chance to learn to run. Go here:
Now for some bad news. This means that I'll not have access to the internet for about 4 to 6 weeks and I'll be unable to post until I get my own place again. Hopefully this won't take too long and I'll miss you all terribly. My last day for posting here will probably be May 20th. But it's for a finite period and I'll be back with more stuff to talk about!
So no more Deli Mart and Barney stories...
Also, my good news was tempered by news I got later Friday morning. In the process of calling friends and family to tell them of my good news and my upcoming move I found out my brother and his long-time significant other were involved in a very nasty auto accident in Philadelphia last Tuesday. The Philadelphia fire department had to cut my brother from his destroyed Chevy S-10 pickup and his girlfriend was thrown clear. Apparently a drunk kid about 22 years old came up behind him going about twice the speed limit on Grant Avenue in NE Philly, hitting my brother and putting him into a sidespin and then rolling the truck several times.
He was discharged from Frankford~Torresdale hospital late Saturday and when I spoke to him yesterday he was still in a great deal of pain. He was bitching about not being able to do anything for himself... Even needs help going to the shitter... Typical of him.
He's going to be feeling that for a while. But I'm so damn glad they're both ok. I've been to far to many family funerals in the last few years and I 'm really not ready to bury my brother just yet.
Anyway, that's my news.

Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


DivineMsN said...

Congrats! And there are always public libraries with internets access!

Kev said...

Welcome to railroading, Tom! (OK, so I do accounting for a railroad and the only train I operate is a tank engine named Thomas, but I fall under RRB so I still feel entitled to welcome you aboard.)

Kat_womanx2 said...

Three CHEERS!!! for getting what you always wanted...dreams coming true...and finally being happy and content in your life...both personally and professionally. I agree...public library internet access...and you have my cell also...text or call and say hi..I can pass along words for you if needed....hope your brother feels better soon...

Okie said...

hip hip!!!!!!!

Glad for ya, man. And I'm with these people. You can get online somewhere and keep us "posted".

Carolyn said...

Tom, Congrats on the job!! Hope your move goes smoothly too :) (By the way, do you know where we can get any boxes? I'm bitchin' about that today, lol!)

Maybe I'll see you at the Cass sometime. We like those tours. Not sure if there's a library in Pocahontas Co. though- maybe Marlinton?

Glad your brother and his gf are ok! Keep in touch. I have you blogrolled :)

Sherri said...


Very exciting news! I love to hear about people finally getting what they really really want out of life, but, I'm going to miss your daily posts. :(

starbender said...

WoW! Great news over here!!!
CONGRATS! ...and a free place with it, it IS U'r Lucky day!

Red said...

That's great news! Congratulations!! I must say though, I'm a little bummed to hear about no updates, now what am I gonna read in the mornings? I agree with everyone else, find some public place with net service..

Sorry to hear about your brother. That's always a scary thing to have to hear. I'm glad he's okay though.

Oh.. And I LOVE the Snoopy pic!

Lisa said...

Yeay! I'm so happy and excited for you... Doing a little happy dance on your behalf!

cmk said...

As soon as I read your good news I started singing the Ren & Stimpy "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" song--the dancing will come later! :) Great news--so happy for you.

tsduff said...

Whoo hoooo! Your pay is almost tripling? Well, Mr Conductor, you can expect those marriage proposals to start rolling in - LOL!

I'm so glad for you!! I absolutely love hearing such a great ending to your dream job story.

And, that is my favorite Snoopy picture in the whole world.

Bev said...

Didn't I say we're all destined for greatness? Good for you! I'm so happy that you're happy. That's a wonderful accomplishment. Do us proud.

Ranger Tom said...

MsN: Thanks. And I thought of that too but I'm not sure how busy I'll be for the first few weeks or so, so if I can't it was just a head's up.

Kev: Again, thanks. Ans since you're also in the RRB I'll be in touch. I can't make heads or tails out of thier website

Kat: I told you I'd do it! Thanks though. It is a great feeling to feel content. As for my Brother, well... He'll be feeling this one for quite a while

Okie: Will do

Caroyln: The Deli Mart has tons. That's where I'm getting them. And I do believe I saw a library in Marlinton on 219 when I went up the other week. I'll check the hours.

Sherri: It is nice. It's all I ever wanted

Starbender: Thanks for the wishes and thanks for dropping by!

Red: The Snoopy pic I thought was apt for the way I'm feeling right now. And you could always get a short term subscription to the New York Times to read in my absence...

Cmk: Yep, the "Happy, Happy" song is fitting too!

Tsduff: Marriage proposals! hahahahaha! That's the LAST thing in the world I'm thinking about. I'd be lucky enough to meet a woman who'll last more than 5 weeks, let alone get married to!

Bev: I don't know about greatness, just that I've found my niche finally. But thanks anyway!

Leazwell said...

Wheeeeee, choo choo's - love 'em.
I grew around the track's, right side, of course. My mother's father rode the caboose and picked up mail. He always waived to a family in N.C. playing tennis in their backyard. He had dirt court too. That family moved in 1940 to the same town in VA my mother lived in. That family was my father's. Gee, how exciting - very happy for you.

Hope your brother and friend are OK.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

AWESOME! Sounds like your ship (or train) finally came in! :)We'll miss your rants during your blackout period but just think about all the things you'll have to tell us when your back!

Man, we'll miss those Deli Mart stories, though. And of course, the confrontations with Barney's wife. haha.

Best wishes to your brother and girlfriend for a speedy and complete recovery.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm THRILLED for you = that is great news! Sorry about your brother's accident, but I'm glad he'll be ok.

Keshi said...



Pedro the Ignorant said...

Congratulations Tom!
A red letter day indeed. Don't forget to drop a post on the Diggers website about your new job.

All your mates will in Oz will be pleased as punch for you.

Anonymous said...

There it is...I'm so happy for you! Hope everything goes well. :)

Ranger Tom said...

Leazwell: I grew up around railroad tracks too. I used to ride my bike down to them and sit for hours watching them go by... Waving at the engineers

Phlegm: My brother is doing as good as he can be right now. I've got a feeling he's going to be feeling this one for a while.

Keshi: No worries, love!

Pedro: Again, no worries mate. I had already planned on it, but the new site is a little difficult to navagate. Will be posting this week though

Karen: Didn't I tell you! And about time you posted a reply!

Miss Fire said...

I'm so sorry about your brother and his SO - I'm glad they're going to be ok. What about the drunk kid? I hope his ass was carted off to jail.

And CONGRATS!!! Can't wait to hear railroading stories onvce you get back online. Will miss you desparately.