Monday, October 02, 2006

Friday follow-up

As a followup to last Friday's post, pictured above is an GP-38 locomotive owned by US Sugar Corporation's short line railroad, the South Central Florida Express Railroad. They're also centered here in Clewiston, FL and haul our refined product to customers throughout Florida and to other railroads like CSX and Norfolk~Southern for shipment across the country.
As I said, this is a follow-up... So if you can tell me what is it that I find so funny about this photo?
And now a moron report...
Friday JP and I went to a local restaurant for lunch and this is a conversation I overheard from a couple in the booth behind me, discussing an article in the newspaper.
Man: "Says here the Russian troops in Georgia are on higher alert..."
Woman: "Russians? In Georgia? That's a little close to here isn't it? I didn't know there were Russians in Georgia!"
I almost choked on my coffee.
Remind me again how advanced we've come as a civilization, please?
I keep forgetting.
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


AlaskaJen said...

Well good thing the railraod is prepared to clear that 10 tons of snow off the tracks!

The RHS said...

that's gotta' be easier to haul than the snow?

And think how much the flies and hyperactive children will love it.

Aren't dumb people the best? do I hear someone jiggling the handle?

Dirk said...

Fair bit of ground clearance on that snow plough.
What's with the bottom of those handrails? Did they have an extra bit of tube that they couldn't be bothered cutting off?

Lisa said...

What's a snow plow doing on a train in Florida?

Ranger Tom said...

Alaska Jen: First to post and the first with the right answer... Good eyes!

RHS: Yep, what a good friend of mine calls "CTD" or "Circling The Drain"

Dirk: The plows are ajustable, and that extra bit of of tube is actually the 'cut lever' to open and close the knuckle on the coupler. The conductor can "pull the pin" on a cut of cars without getting on the ground, making things a lot easier... I mean my job easier.

Lisa: Your guess is as good as mine... Beats the fuck out of me.

cmk said...

I KNOW there are a lot of morons out there, but it still amazes me when I come across one! Thanks for the laugh. :D

Red said...

Funny... Moron report!! LMAO!

weatherchazer said...

How stupid can some people be? I probably would've died from choking on my coffee- or laughing in it.:)

Kat_womanx2 said...

Jeez...ain't people fun?? LOL