Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ranger Tom Cooks, Redux

I know I posted this recipe a while ago, but now with the modern miracle of digital photography and my spiffy new kitchen with the stove and range top you almost need an advanced degree in electrical engineering to master, I decided to repost it...
Original post:
Not only am I going to break the mold, I'm going to completely shatter it right now. I'm a single (divorced) white male in my late thirties who actually can cook and is not a homosexual. Not only can I cook, I actually enjoy cooking. Here's one of my favorites. Not only is it easy, it's very tasty... It brings me back to my old neighborhood in Philadelphia when the aroma of my cooking it wafts through my apartment.
RT's Hot Italian Sausage Melt
5 hot or mild Italian sausages (If you cant get fresh made, Johnsonville makes a good substitute)2 Small cans of tomato sauce (8 oz, 227g)
Sliced Provalone cheese
Crushed red pepper
Brown sausages in a large skillet over a medium flame to taste & brownness. (see top photo)

In a separate small saucepan, put the tomato sauce and season to taste (I like it hot, so I use a lot of red pepper) with the above seasonings and simmer over a low flame till hot.

Place cooked sausage on an oven & microwave-safe dish. Pour the hot seasoned sauce over the sausages completely covering them.

Cover the whole thing with one layer of sliced provalone cheese. Place the dish on the highest shelf in a oven pre-heated to 300 F (or 30 to 40 seconds in a microwave)

Just long enough to melt the cheese.

This should serve two bulimia-free adults with a normal appetite. Another suggestion is try it as a hot sandwich on an Italian hoagie roll. If you are in the Philadelphia/South New Jersey area this should be no problem as Amoroso's brand rolls (the best in the world) are readily available. If you are in the Northeast Philly area, look up and see if DePalma's bakery is still open. They used to make the rolls fresh every morning in coal-fired ovens. They were just off Frankford Avenue in the Mayfair section on the city. If anything else, a decent 8" French roll will do. Again, I hope you try this tasty little treat. I'll post other recipes from time to time if you like this one!

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


Mushy said...

Mmmmm...looks great. I'll try it. I also love your coffee mugs dude!

You'll have to check out my recipe site sometime...similar cookings for dudes like us.

Woodrow said...

Dang, now I'm hungry.

AlaskaJen said...

Yummmmm! So when are you picking me up for lunch? ;o) Even though I'm not a 'dude', you can cook for me anytime! LOL!

And ditto on loveing your coffee mugs!

cmk said...

Dang...now I have to go and eat something! (Looks good.)

Lisa said...

Mmm. I could totally go for some hot, italian sausage. heeheee. (No, not the kind you are talking about... But I couldn't resist making a joke. Too easy.

Bev said...

Oh, God - the jokes are endless. I won't even start.

Cheryl said...

Well I don't eat Italian sausage and won't make jokes...but your kitchen looks really nice.

The RHS said...

what a morning to read this and have eaten breakfast. I bet that goes well with scrambled eggs too.

Leazwell said...

I've only cooked them with onions, very tasty but I'll give your recipe a go.