Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Important message... Please read

Due to several things including an almost unbearable amount of spam and "lost in wv" outliving it's name I'm changing my email address and going private all together which means I won't have an email published here on my profile.
Several of my readers comment to me in emails only, and that's great... But after this week you'll need my new one.
If any of you still wish to correspond with me via email, send me an email to my current address:
So I can add you to my address list and send you my new email.
RT out.


The Ramblin Hillbilly said...

Hey RT sorry bout the complete lack of posts man, working 400 hours a week in the mines puts a bit of a cramp on the blogger thing

Jay said...

Poor spammers. They're probably just lonely people, you know.

Reba said...

Spam sucks. Thank goodness Yahoo has a decent Spam filter.

The RHS said...

I'm not sure whom to blame more - the bastard sending out all the fucking viagra spam or the limp-dicked fucker who responds to it.

Go to the doctor people! You're just encouraging those fuckers to fill our inboxes with shit!

Red said...

I never know if you get the replies I've sent you anyway. I think they may just go straight to the spam box...

And I agree with everyone else. I hate spam in all it's forms and that includes the canned "meat," if you can really call it that.