Saturday, March 14, 2009

Moor Trane Pix!

Cruising into the yard, chillin! It's been a just another day on the slightly High Iron ( 90lb. rail for our mainline as opposed to the the 140 lb. rail on the Class I's) for RT, a slightly disheveled Mr. Conductor! (I've gotta lose some weight... I've got more Chins that a Chinese phone book!)
Some real Einsteins work here... Nice "Trash Buket" we have on the engine... Yep... How some of these fuckers passed the aptitude test amazes me. I had one guy ask me right before we changed the clocks in the fall what time he had to report the next day... Duh! And yes, that's a Tractor Supply catalog... It's got all the stuff we need out here!

My computer I use to keep track of the empties I take out and loads I pick up... Last night I wanted to rip it out of it's mountings an toss it out the goddamn window... Modern technology at it's best!

Getting some more throttle time... All Aboard!
I absolutely LOVE my job!

After all the bitching I do, when all is said and done, at the end of the day I really, really do love my job... I actually get PAID to do this!
Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


Anonymous said...

alright who took mthe pics?

Ranger Tom said...

Gary, you know damn right well who took the pics!

None other than Slack Action!

honkeie2 said...

It is a Tanawesome (thank you will Ferral) thing to find a job you love. I dont mind my job but I would not say i love it!
And at least they speeleed trash right.

weatherchazer said...

A job you love- I'm jealous. I hate mine with a friggin passion! LOL at more Chins that a Chinese phone book!

Ranger Tom said...

Honkeie: Dey be pecial! Sum a dem even rode da sort bus like I did in skool! Bun nun a dem had a wikked kewl helmet to ware! mamma never let me outsid widdout mah helmet! Mamma sez I be pecial too!

It took me a long time to really find a job that I loved... Tiring, dangerous, yes. Satisfaction on getting my tasks completed, my trains in and out of the yard... Sugarcane brought to the mill in a timely manner. It's called job satisfaction... Something I've never really had before.I'm not bragging. I fuck up sometimes. Shit goes wrong. Plans and schedules change. That's what makes it so goddamn interesting! When I get my train rolling out of the yards, it's MY baby... I'm in control. Yes, I want to be an engineer, but the conductor controls the shots. I decide how many empties go to which elevator for I'm the one that has first hand info. Of course my yardmaster makes the big descisions, but ultimately my train is MY train. The engineer goes when I tell him it's ok to go... Stops where I tell him to stop...

It's my baby!

That and I get to play with a really fucking huge train set!

Who the fuck wouldn't love THAT?

Weatherchazer: Follow those dreams, chazer... I listened far too long to people who thought "This is what you should be doing..." Do what YOU want, not what other people think you should do. Live for yourself!

And I do have more Chin's than a Chinese phonebook!