Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Evening Show!

Myself and my engineer were coming back into the mill Sunday evening when I just glanced out my window and saw this... Apparently the Space Shuttle had a launch and I forgot all about it! Kennedy Space Center is at least 100 miles north of where we are, but it being so flat (Kind of like southern Oklahoma with palm trees) we do get a great view of the launches if the skies are clear. These pictures came out pretty good considering I was sitting in a moving locomotive, not necessarily known for the smooth ride they give! Please click on the picture to get the full frame enlargement!
What a sight I tell you! Someday I will have the time to go up to Titusville and watch one up close and personal. The closest I ever go was once I saw a Minuteman II launch from Grafenberg AFB while I was living in Arizona. Before that it was on the black & white Philco in my boyhood home watching the Apollo launches.

What a fantastic sight I tell you!

In this one the solid fuel rocket boosters have been jettisoned and are falling into the Atlantic.

I've used Paint to mark where you can see the boosters falling. Great stuff I get to see on my job!

Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


honkeie2 said...

that is awesome!

Big Daddy said...

That's just so way cool!

weatherchazer said...

Wow! What a great surprise you got- lucky you had a camera!

Anonymous said...

And you had your camera...sweet.