Friday, March 13, 2009

New people to check out!

I have two new blogs for you guys to check out! The first one is a good friend of mine, or as they say in Australia, he's a good mate and a fare dinkum bloke!

I've known Eddie for nine years now and I consider him family. He's been like a brother to me throughout all my trials and tribulations. A fellow soldier, Aussie and someone I can truly say is my best friend. Check out his blog here:

We're a lot alike...

Another blog I stumbled upon is Big Daddy's Salute to 80's Big Hair...

He's just starting out, but he and I have the same, ehem, I guess you could say fetish... I LOVE his blog!

Check out Big Daddy here:

More photos coming up in the next few days... Stay tuned!

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weatherchazer said...

Thanks for the heads (hairs) up!