Monday, July 17, 2006

Another "What The Fuck" Monday...

So I've been having some problems with my truck the past few weeks. I've been trying to get things done, but with the hours I work I never have free time when anything is open. Auto parts stores, garages, anything. I get done early enough, around 6:30 or 7 PM most days, but nobody stays open for business after 5 PM around here, and don't even ask about weekends. Nothing is open.

So It took me over two weeks to get a PCV valve... That little tiny thing that is on the valve cover that when it goes bad blows motor oil all over the place. Because that valve was bad I was going through about 2 quarts a day.

So I finally got a PCV valve at NAPA last week when Jimmy and myself went there to get some parts and supplies. I changed it right there in the freight yard and everything was ok. Until Friday when I was on my way home I noticed a Valvoline Quik-E change place still open in Elkins. I stop in and have them change the oil and I thought everything was fine.

I thought wrong.

By the time I get to the top of Cheat mountain on my way home I can hear my valves chattering like I'm low on oil...

The first of many "What the fucks" to happen over this past weekend.

I get home and just park the thing and Saturday morning go out and check the oil. The dipstick is bone dry! It was then I noticed a pool of oil under the truck. From the time the PCV valve was bad, my entire engine was covered in oil so I couldn't tell where it was leaking from. I added oil and went to the grocery store and that was about it.

I parked it and didn't go anywhere else. I checked the oil Sunday and it was fine. A little low, but well within the safe range to get me back over the mountain Monday morning on my way to work where I can stop at the only place open that early, a Exxon station in Huttonsville where I can get some more oil.

So this morning comes around. The alarm goes off at 4 AM and I roll out of bed. I get ready for work and head out at 5 AM to work. I start it... And there's that damn valve chatter again! I get out and grab my MagLight and I see all FIVE FUCKING QUARTS of oil on the street under my truck. There is no Goddamn way I was driving 20 miles over the mountain with a bone dry oilpan.

I call Jimmy and tell him what's going on and now I'm stuck until the closest place in town I can walk to opens up at 9 AM to get some oil so I can at least get to a garage to get it fixed, whatever the problem is...

I get to a garage in Bartow, the next town over from Durbin and the owner puts my truck up on the lift... And guess what?

The fucking oilpan drain plug was on so loose it came off in his hand when he went to check it! The bonehead dumbasses at the Quik-E oil change place never tightened the bastard when they put it back in and the vibration of the engine running loosened it enough that it was pouring out almost as fast as I could replace it.

Fucking morons.

So, not only was I out the sheckels I had to pay for the oilchange, I was out for another six quarts I had to put in over the weekend, I'm out almost $500 for the days wages I would have gotten if I could have worked today...

Next time I'm just going to do it myself... The only sure way I know it'll get done right.

Any of you know of a cheap ($1,500 to $2,000 range) 4WD for sale? Let me know, ok?

And don't forget the I HEART Ranger Tom contest! Go here for those details:

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Leazwell said...

I figured as much, happened to me once. My gosh people are derelict in their duties. What concerns me is that you will probably run into that everywhere up there.

Sorry you were derailed.

cmk said...

Doesn't life sometimes just feel like one step forward, two steps back? Thank goodness it really wasn't a big problem, though. Every time I have to have my Jimmy fixed, it is nothing less than hundreds of dollars!

Tomorrow will be a better day.

cantellya said...

Cantcha call the place & tell them what happened? What if your engine blew!?!? Oh my GOSH!
I'm sorry that today's post made me feel better. I hope your week turns out to be fabulous :)

Kat_womanx2 said...

I don't need to tell you that sounds like the story of my lates problem was an overheating thing...this after my radiator blew last year and I had to get a new one....just before I had to have yet ANOTHER transmission...bla bla....turns out my fan motor went bad. 118.00 Can we say CHA-CHING!!

Sherri said...

I would definitely call up that quick change place and give them hell! Maybe you could get a free oil change out of it. ;)

Miss Fire said...

That happened to me after my very first oil change on the Pathfinder - and I got it done at the dealership! I get up the next morning, turn the car on, the oil light's on. WTF? Back out, and there's oil all over my garage. I was all over those a free oil change out of it, too.

tsduff said...

Isn't that how Mondays are supposed to go? Thank God they only come once a week.

Christopher Parker said...

I've sworn off the quick lube places. High school kid working at JiffyLube dropped an oil cap into my engine and then told me I'd be fine and shouldn't worry about it.