Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Win $100!

In a moment of sheer self-promotion (and to sell some T-shirts) I came up with a little contest.
I call it the I HEART Ranger Tom! Contest.
Here's all you need to do to win $100 from me. Scroll down on my blog and you'll notice a picture of a T-shirt that reads "I HEART Ranger Tom". Click on that picture and that will take you to my politically incorrect T-shirt store.
Buy a "I HEART Ranger Tom" T-shirt and take a photo of you wearing it. Email me the photo. Whoever sends me their picture first, or has the most creative and/or humorous pose or situation in the photo will win $100 from me.
Make sure you send your snail-mail address along with the picture and info I need to make out the check.
Things I promise:
1) Of course I'm going to post the pic here, so I won't show your face or say your name unless you give me permission.
2) None of your information will EVER be made public.
3) My check won't bounce!
Ok, lastly, let's make the deadline for entries the 31st of August.
Now lets have some fun with this!
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


Red said...

What if I take it of myself while washing my hair with Drama Clean shampoo? Because I typically wear shirts in the shower, anyway.

cmk said...

A wet T-shirt contest? I would scare people if I tried it, but if someone wants to... :)

The Ramblin Hillbilly said...

Shirts in the shower Red? Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th and may your supply of ice cold adult beverages never run dry, I know I had my share last night.

Courtney said...

That's funny! you could be the latest craze sweeping the nation!!

Sherri said...

:D In 4 to 6 days I'll be the proud owner of my own I heart Ranger Tom t-shirt.

Okie said...

I mean, I love your blog and all, RT, but $20 to profess to the world on my person that I heart you? Nah.

Ranger Tom said...

Red: Turning it into a wet T-shirt contest... I like! Look forward to your entry!

CMK: It's not a wet T-shirt contest! LOL I think you can come up with something creative!

Bill: It's a different Red...

Courtney: It's GOT to be better than those idiotic "Pedro" shirts that were out last summer!

Sherri: Will you be holding a loofa?

Okie: It's not funny if I've got to explain it

tsduff said...

As the proud owner of a wet t-shirt contest "official" t-shirt (from the Survivors Bike Run at Bass Lake,CA 'June, 2003"), I can say that they are usually a different style and cloth than the one you are hawking. (They are usually the tank-top style, VERY thin and stretchy) and turn see-through with "more water"....) Sorry, don't think my Sweetie would appreciate seeing me dolled up in said-apparel, but I wish you the best in sales :-)