Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Summer Mode

So now it's officially summer, and to celebrate, last night I went into Summer Mode at the Tiki Bar. It's a great place to hang out and if you're ever in Clewiston, FL check out Roland & Maryann Martin's Resort, Marina, Motel & Tiki Bar. Great food, (the best in Clewiston) great people and generally a fun place to hang out and unwind.
Got there early to stakeout my spot at the bar with my favorite frosty & ice cold tasty adult beverage. You can tell the locals (I'm officially a local now) by the personalized beer coozies. The servers and bartenders take them when you aren't looking and write things on them... I have it turned so that some of the more colorful aren't showing!

Storm brewing to the south... Forget about lighting the Tiki Torches tonight!

Hey Chocha, aren't you a little young to be hanging out in bars?

Two of the girls quite happy with a fruity tropical drink (complete with the paper umbrella) they've made for a Sheriff's SWAT team that was partying in the corner... Me, I'll just stick with beer.

And who could forget "Frenchfry", a 4 foot alligator that inhabits the lagoon next to the bar. They call him Frenchfry because everyone throws him fries and he gobbles them up. I think he's the only gator in Florida with high cholesterol...
Like I had mentioned before, I'm now officially a "Local"... Not only a Local, but a "Damn Yankee". A Damn Yankee is a Yankee who came down to Florida and decided to stay. Hell, I've been called a lot worse!
So, if you're in south Florida this summer, look me up and we'll bend an elbow at the Tiki!
Photos and senseless drivel Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


Becky said...

Fun stuff! The furthest south I plan on going is Charlotte in about a month or so... We'll see when I actually get around to it.

I am a transplant to my area too. After five years I am starting to finally feel like a local. Its kinda strange to see people you recognize when you walk in the grocery store after have anonymity for so long.

Mushy said...

Those are special places for a man...reminds of Wild Wings here. There's a big pond out front where young dudes strive to impress the young ladies by boogie boarding across it.

Me...just bring me another Yuengling and some more hot wings!

honkeie2 said...

Damn that was one hot piece of pussy on that stool....and let us not forget the blonde over there! And a gator plus drunks is usually a bad thig lol

Big Daddy said...

Theres a place like that over here on the Gulf Coast. You get over here at some point we'll have a few drinks!

cmk said...

Whoa! I have lived here in this town for 32 years and STILL feel like an outsider! And I only moved 100 miles south from where I grew up. We are ruthless here in the Great White North when it comes to acceptance, I guess. ;)

Ranger Tom said...

Becky: It is a fun place to hang out... They've made me feel like family.

Mushy: I'd try not to boogie board across this lagoon. I like being on the top of the food chain! Great to see you around again!

Honkeie: Believe it or not, only once since I've been here a drunk had fallen into the lagoon... And it wasn't me!

BD: Drop me a line and we'll get together. I still have a few weeks before I have to go back to work.

CMK: I know where you're coming from. My oldeset sister has lived in Maine since 1979 and they still consider her "From Away". I'm truly lucky here to have met up with a few people who've welcomed me like family. If not I'd have gon mad a year ago...

Anonymous said...

Save me a seat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ranger Tom said...

Gary: No worries! Looking forward to you getting your ass back down here! It's your turn to buy a round anyway!