Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just some random crap...

Right before the launch on Monday a group of kayakers paddled by on the river... That did look like a lot of fun! One woman had her cooler bungee corded down to the front of her boat. Must take care of the frosty cold adult beverages! I had no idea where they were going, but they paddled east towards the Space Center and disappeared out of sight well before the launch.
And speaking of the launch... I had to get out early to secure a good vantage point along the seawall and fence. I toted my own cooler down from my room and had my adult beverages liberally iced down for a long wait at around 9 AM. I had on shorts and a T-Shirt but took off my sandals early... Around 11:30 I was baking in the sun. Again and again I slathered on 30 SPF but apparently this stuff was defective... I didn't feel it happening at the time because I figured if I was going to bake, I'd might as well get stewed too and began to rehydrate the Irish way...

By 1:30 I was well on my way to Happy Land. My buddy Vern from work showed up with his son and the three of us got to watch a fantastic launch. He'd lived in Florida all his life and had never made the trip up to watch one in person, so this was a treat for all three of us. After the launch we retired to the hotel's lounge to get a few more cold and refreshing adult beverages. Soon after he departed to head back to Orlando, leaving me looking like a drunk Irish lobster. At around 4:30 I wasn't feeling all that great (I wonder why?) so I decided to take a nap... I woke up from my "nap" at 4 AM the next morning, not hung over, but definitely not feeling all that great.
With all the people around from all over I must have caught the cruds from someone there. I had a fever and my head was so clogged I couldn't breath out of my nose and my whole body ached, especially my feel and legs... Duh. I went to the local 24~hour Walgreen's and got some Sudafed and Solarcane.
Well medicated, I checked out at 7:30 to make the drive back south and got home at around 10:30 where I promptly took a huge swig of NyQuil and crawled into bed.
I'm still not feeling all that great, but I think I'm through the worst of it.
But of course I didn't get happy mail when I got home... Apparently my telephone company, who shall remain nameless for right now (unless shit gets really ugly) sent me a shut off notice for failure to pay the bill for my phone and interweb... Something I haven't had from them in over four months!
Here's that story, in a nutshell. When I moved into my new place here on the first of February, I had the phone company transfer my service... One week passed, then two. Still no phone or interweb service. What the fuck, over? I called and they gushingly apologized... Looked my new address up and said there was no phone service to my new home.
It's right in the middle of town. I can see the phone lines running from the pole in the back yard to my house. That's total and utter bullshit. Someone was going to have to come out and look into it they said. A week later I get a door hanger saying they'll have to dig a trench and lay new cable to my house. The work was promised in "14 days or less". That was over three months ago. Nothing ever happened. I called and got a run-around. Now they're going to cut off non-existent service for an unpaid bill? Good. They've gotten from me in payments exactly what was provided to me in services for the last four months.
When they decide to hook up my phone and interweb, I'll gladly write them a check, but not until then.
Oh, I do have the interweb, but like Ol' Bubba Clinton asked the military to do back in the 90's, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is my policy on that!
OK, I'm done ranting about that garbage...
I'm going bass fishing next week on Lake Okeechobee with a good friend of mine, Captain Ed. It's his slow time for guided fishing trips and he's invited me out for a day of fishing. All I have to do is pay for the bait and gas in his boat.
It pays to make good friends instead of life~long enemies like some people I know.
Photos and senseless drivel Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


weatherchazer said...

sorry about the cruds and the burn. Hope the fishing goes well next week...

Becky said...

LOL, was it swine flu!? I hate getting sun burnt, and being a red head I know all about it! After only ten minutes I will be pink from the sun.

Anonymous said...

As long as the weather holds the fishing trip should be a blast. I'm sure you'll get some fish action.

Ranger Tom said...

Weatherchazer: I'm soldiering on with the cruds and the burn and I'm definately looking forward to the bass fishing!

Becky: I don't know if it was the swine flu or not, but I definately felt like a sick pig Tuesday morning! I'm not as fair skinned as my other Irish brethren, I'll burn once and tan thr rest of the summer... But I do understand about redheads burning like that! Keep out of the sun!

Leazwell: The summer thunderstorms are starting to roll in every afternoon here now, but I think we'll be going out in the early morning so I'm sure we'll be fine. I am looking forward to it thought!

Burg said...

I feel like crap now too. I'm sure I got it from the hubs or the kid..

I feel like there's a golf ball stuck in my throat. :(

honkeie2 said...

Well that is what you get for hanging out with pigs lol....that wasnt a cop joke by the way!
And I think the beer had something to do with the burn, I tend to burn no matter how much sunscreen i wear if i am drinking. We might have to ask Obama for some hope and change to do a study one this one. I will gladly volunteer as long as free drinks are involved.

Ranger Tom said...

Burg: I'm still not feeling all that great after two weeks. I'm still bringing up lots of great stuff from my chest. Yummy.

Honkeie: I've read that somewhere myself... But at least I kept hydrated!