Friday, May 29, 2009

Mein Hous

Just thought I'd give you all a look at my little place here in Florida and a look at the current RT Mobile... Today, after four months waiting for the phone company to actually transfer my service and DSL, I'm finally back on line. What a clusterfuck that was. Somehow my order for a transfer of service from my old place to the new one was lost... And even after weeks of calling I finally got it straightened out. An actual DSL line, phone service, a HUGE apology and over a $500 credit to my bill, giving me well over 5 months of free service. My air conditioner also took a shit this weekend, and as it's getting into the really hot season, high 90's during the day and low 80's at night with humidity high into the 80% range I was going to start to melt, but my landlord, true to his word, had his guy out here first thing this morning fixing it.
One last thing to get fixed... My satellite TV dish was knocked out of alignment last week by a big storm... And for reasons that can't be repeated in writing, I was unable to contact the local TV provider... So I've resorted to this makeshift prop to hold my dish in alignment until my buddy John comes over tomorrow with a ladder, compass and power tools...

Just thought you guys would like to see the RT Abode... Where I do all my deep thinking, or was that deep drinking?

I forget...

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Anonymous said...

Cozy, glad you're comfy!