Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy B-Day Robin!

All day Sunday I was at a very good friend's house, Robin, to help celebrate her birthday. Here her Husband Jimmy is cooking ribs on his new Mangrill!
Now that's a grill! even though it's gas, it's on hell of a grill! I prefer charcoal, but this is one testosterone~laden grill if I don't say so myself!

Robin, the Birthday Girl! She's been a really good friend since I've moved here... She's one of the bartenders at the Tiki, and like all the staff there, she's made me feel like family since I'm alone with no family here. Happy B-Day sweetie!
Some of my best buddies here in Florida, John, Alice his lovely wife, Skip and Terry, his lovely wife showing up on their Harleys...
The party can start!
John, Robin & Jo

Where's the beer?
Jo, Me, John, Alice & Terry hamming it up.
Jethro relaxing on his Heritage Softtail... (look at his belt and you'll know why I call him Jethro!)

Another Bud of mine, Randy and his lovely wife Michelle enjoying the ribs.

The band "DownTime" playing some good old rock and country!
Time to head out...
Jethro's finally awake!
They are a really good band!
Whataya mean there's no more beer!!!!
It was a really good day, I had a shitload of fun. Everyone had a lot of laughs and I hope Robin had a great day too, witch was what this was all about anyway! Happy B-Day again Robin!
Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


The Ramblin Hillbilly said...

Het Tom how you doin? Looks like an etertaining evening and you were right he does have the man grill. Anyways I'm back aan the blog is up and running again

The Ramblin Hillbilly

Anonymous said...

You gotta get that bike...

Ranger Tom said...

RH: Glad to see you back man!

Leazwell: I know... It probably wont be until after the first of the new year, but I've got the one I want scoped out already. The only downside I see right now is I have no place to keep it, not even a carport. If this was my place I'd build something, but since I'm renting I'll just have to figure something out.