Thursday, June 04, 2009

A new T-Shirt

It's been quite a while since I plugged my t-shirts, so if you'll cast your eyes to the right slightly while reading this you'll see a box with a white T-Shirt emblazoned with "I HEART Ranger Tom!"
>>>--------------------------right here------------------------------------->
Anyway, the other day I saw a hilarious bumpbersticker and I just thought "Ive got to plagiarize that and put it on one of my T-Shirts!"
So I did.
"A village in Kenya is missing it's idiot"
So do yourselves a favor, move your cursor over the T-Shirt to the right, click on it and a small pop up will appear... And check out my whole line of irreverent T-Shirts today! They're quality made Hanes brand and chock full of RT-isms.
They're also pretty reasonably priced and I only get a small commission for each shirt I sell. As of today my biggest seller is my "INFIDEL" shirt. Apparently an entire US Marine company bought one for each of it's Jarheads before they deployed last year.
So don't delay, get yours today!
Oh, and one more thing I almost forgot. You can get them in any color you want, as long as it's black.
Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


The Ramblin Hillbilly said...

RT you rock. It only needs one thing to be complete. A picture of obama on the back.

cmk said...

LOVE the shirts. But if I get another T-shirt, I'll have to add another room on the house! (You KNOW I have to have every Red Wing shirt that has ever been made--and I think I already do. ;))

Ranger Tom said...

RH: No pictures of BO will ever grace my fine aparell!

CMK: I never would have thunk it! LOL Go RED WINGS!