Saturday, June 06, 2009

I've got my hands full with this one...

A while back I mentioned that I had another task this summer... That was getting the bar up and running at my American Legion post. Well, the other day I finally was able to gain access to the building to take some measurements and some pictures. I've got my hands full with this one.

As you can see, the bar had been framed out, electricity wired and water plumbed in, but that's all. It's been sitting like this for over five years. Here's where it gets difficult. One thing is I was told that there was beer coolers, TV's, an ice maker and the rest of the materials to finish the bar right in the building. Well, guess what. None of that crap was found on my search.
Second thing is they've been using the room for storage for years, and there's no place else to put this shit. Tables, chairs, supplies for the kitchen all thrown in the room Helter Skelter.
Look at this pile of shit! And I'm supposed to do all this shit myself. I'm Begining to think I should just toss in the towel because I know I'm not going to get any help. The few other members that are active have been thumping the bible in my face every time I bring the bar up and have been fighting me every step of the way...
There is a pool table, seen here buried under shit. Another snag I'm hitting now as I told them the material we need isn't there, is the money. They have no concept on how much this is really going to cost. I did find out there's a cabinet shop in town that's willing to donate the finish materials on one condition... Name the lounge after the owner's Grandfather. My question to this was ok, was the Grandfather a member of the post?
Alright. Was he a Legionnaire?
Ok... Was he a veteran?
Again, the answer was no.
What the fuck, over? How the fuck do you expect me to name a bar at a veterans club after a non-Legionnaire and non-vet? I can't in good conscience no matter how much free material we get. I'm sorry, but I still have principles.
So leads to another thing. I can't do all the carpentry myself, and my buddy John said he'd help... But it is his business, as he's a general contractor. I'd have to pay him and they're balking at that now.
Not to mention the costs of a ice machine, beer coolers, a few TV's, bar stools, a cash register, an alarm system, glassware...
Rock-bottom bare minimum is going to be around $15k.

Another thing I brought up at the meeting was the need for a dumpster. They won't spend the money for that either. On guy suggested that we'd just take the bar trash to his house and put it out with his garbage like they've been doing for so long and I laughed at that. They have no idea how much garbage a bar will produce.
Some want the bar but aren't willing to pay for it. Some don't want the bar at all because it's against their personal beliefs and are jamming their morality down everyone's throats.
I don't give up to easily. A throwback to my Army days... "Continue Mission" and all that other happy horseshit.
But I think this time this Ranger is going to pass on this mission.
It's suicide.
Photos and diatribe Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


cmk said...

Good grief--you certainly DO have a shitload of work ahead of you. In every sense of the word.

Ranger Tom said...

And I'm wondering if it'll be worth all the trouble at this point.

Anonymous said...

I need a place to drink and not talk about railroads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's got potential but if no one is willing to commit financially you are really wasting your time.

Maybe you can at least clear the place out and have the pool table available.

As for the no boozers if you were to go forward, just select days or times when it's off and when it's on.

The Ramblin Hillbilly said...

RT a smart Ranger picks his battles and knows which ones he can win and loose. If your still fighting the good fight when I get there you can count on my help.

Ranger Tom said...

Gary: Good luck... When we get together that's all we talk about! LOL... Or we can talk old War Stories... I myself would rather talk railroading. ;)~

Leazwell: I does have a lot of potential. But no one is willing to step up to the bat with me. I'm basically on my own with this puppy. As for the hours, I already told them I'd only open it on Thursday, Friday & Saturday afternoons, but even that is to much for some. No alcohol at all they say. You're right, I think I am wasting my time and energy.

Bill: I'll keep that in mind, and you're help would be welcome, but I think this is a losing battle.