Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Didn't I...

For the last several weeks it's been stinking hot. well over 100 F every day for the last two weeks and with the humidity, the heat index has been near 108 F. But no rain or storms to speak of for a while.
Living in Florida, I simply love the thunderstorms that roll through every afternoon this time of year. Violent weather is great! Anyway, since we haven't had a good storm in a week or two, Monday night I felt like relaxing with the sounds of nature CD I have... Rain forest thunderstorm. 53 minutes of booms and crashes and rain pelting the leaves of jungle vegetation. Set up for continuous-loop, I went to sleep in pure bliss.
Around 6:45 Tuesday morning I arose, shut off the CD player and went to the bathroom to do my morning business... As I busied myself I heard thunder. WTF? Didn't I just shut that thing off? Just then I saw a flash of lightning out my bathroom window. Duh. It's a real storm! I laughed and put on the weather channel.
It rained and stormed all day yesterday, well into the evening. Which put on hold another project I'm working on with my buddy John. I'll tell you about that later, because for right now it's Super-Duper, Tip-Top, Ultra Secret. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
Anyway, not much else going on here in Hot, humid Florida at the moment.
Inane drivel Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


Becky said...

No offense, but I hate Florida! The weather SUCKS! I hate visiting relatives down there.

Ranger Tom said...

Becky: No offence taken. I'm not really fond of it here either, except for my job and the really cool thunderstorms.

Anonymous said...

Hot and humid here too but sans the storms, of course it is quite not as wickedly hot and humid as where you are.

Ranger Tom said...

Leazwell: If it's this hot this early, I'm really dreading what August is going to be like.