Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I've done an Arlen...

As in Arlen Specter.

Sort of.

For over 25 years I've been a registered Republican. But the last few years and this past Presidential election have completely soured me on The Grand Old Party. To me, not only have they gone completely against what I feel are the issues... That they've done in spades. What's worse is they've gone completely against the Constitution. We've got a base in the Republican Party that has no clue what we, The People want. They've forgotten it's We The People who are the boss.
I'm completely baffled by the last few years. I had no clue where we were going as a country and it was getting more and more Orwellian every time I watched the news. I did not, nor do I dig what the Patriot Act is doing to our country. Of course I feel that terrorism is a clear and present danger to our Republic, but I refuse to give up one iota of my personal freedoms for even a little safety.
So we have one party who has no clue what the people want, and a second party, the Democratic Party, who feel we're too stupid to think for ourselves and feel it's up to the Government to lead us from cradle to grave with their idea of what's good for us. Who are blaming the Republicans for the financial crisis in this country forgetting it was they're liberal policies in the 90's regarding loans and mortgages... "What" You can't afford that house? Don't worry! I'll get you that mortgage anyway!"
I'm so sick of it. The political correctness. What ever happened to personal responsibility and integrity? Ask Carrie Prejean. I salute her for standing up for what she believed was right. Whether I agree with her or not isn't the point. I have so much respect for her for doing what so many of us are so afraid to do these days. Actually stand up for what she believes in! You know what? If she had said she believed that all people should be able to marry trees in the forest, was serious and truly believed that, I'd still respect that whether I agreed with her or not. People who just quote party lines and say what's politically correct as to not offend someone my respect would have gone out the window.
You know what? Fuck Perez Hilton!
We're facing now what I believe is a Great Turning Point in our Republic. We are on the cusp of turning so Socialist that even the French are worried that we're turning to socialist... The fucking French for Christ's sake!
But yet, we have leaders, or should I say alleged leaders, who are sworn to not only uphold and defend the Constitution, but to serve we The People. Who do and say anything to get re-elected that they've sold out and sold they're souls years ago.
That's exactly what Arlen Specter has done in my understanding. He didn't change parties because he's had a change of heart and really believes in the Democratic party, but to get re-elected!
He doesn't give a rat's ass about what his constituency feels or wants.
He just wants to stay in power.
Fucking toad.
I've got all the right to say that even though I live in Florida. I lived in Philadelphia. I was born and raised there. I actually voted for this Troglodyte several times!
I tell you what. Back in 1983 I was so Proud when I registered the first time as a Republican. I was beaming with pride the first time I voted for Ronald Reagan.
Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave right now.
With his leadership, I helped win the Cold War.
Defeated the Evil Empire.
Now we've become the Evil Empire... Socialism and enslavement are only a heartbeat away.
I refuse to be a sheep.
I refuse to give up.
I'll never give up the oath I took as a soldier so many years ago... To protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
So today I did the unthinkable.
I went to the courthouse today and changed my voter's registration from Republican to Libertarian.
I was saddened, but then again what choice do I have?
It's the ONLY party in this country that stands for everything I still believe in and hold dear.
So I'm a Turncoat. A Benedict Arnold. An Arlen Specter.
But at least a Benedict Arnold had a few principles, unlike Arlen Specter, and the rest of the politicians in this country today.
Copyright 2009 Thomas J Wolfenden


Becky said...

The rage is what I like to call it, rage for all the insanity going on and everyone seems so content, it makes me rage. Not only are they content they are waving their hands in the air saying, "change, hope." I am going to get an ulcer!

I am a registered Republican and am a member of my local party. We are trying to form a new movement where we really stick to the constitution. My husband and I are organizing things, you'll hear of us soon. Oh yes, one day if we haven't been killed for our heretic, terrorist, anti-socialist views we will be up there somewhere guiding these mislead people. I try to have hope. I am a conservative above all parties. I was pretty angry with that arlen guy myself, but who needs him anyways! I love that the dems stripped him of his senoirity, that's what you get when you make a power hungry move like that. Damn Dirty Politicians!

The tea party gave me hope. I love how people have the "Don't Tread on Me" flags flying at their houses! Well, its few and far between but it gives me hope. (I shouldn't use that word "hope" it might jinx us.)

Ranger Tom said...

Becky: I like that... The Rage. That's exactly what I feel. I'm really saddened to change parties, but I did it out of my personal convictions because to me integrity and convictions are what really matters. I loved what happened at the Tea Parties. I really hope it continues and doesn't fizzle out. I do wish you and your husband luck and keep me informed on how it's going.

Keep The Faith.

Anonymous said...

It may assauage your conscience but ultimately it isn't going to matter how you are registered. By the next election ACORN will have an even stronger foothold, elections will be further rigged by intimidation and who knows what. I'm feeling it's a lost cause.

Ranger Tom said...

Leazwell: I agree... I really think there's nothing we can do to stop this steamroller.