Friday, July 24, 2009

Can people really be this stupid?

Yes they can.

Look who we have in the White House.

Happy Funny Foto Friday!

See you all Monday unless something Earth~Shattering happens and I just have to blog.


The Ramblin Hillbilly said...

That has got to be a Joke. Whoever placed that could not have been serious.

Mushy said...

There are so many freakin' idiots in the world...there needs to be an open season!

Ranger Tom said...

Mush: Yes! And open season on morons!

Ranger Tom said...

Bill: People are that stupid.

Edison said...

Perhaps that walking and talking (bleating)living brain donour who placed that article should do a tour of an abattoir and see where the meat that we,as omnivours, gets "made".
Or maybe they could go and see where their leather shoes and jackets come from.


cmk said...

Bill: Read 'Not Always Right' and you will find out that people ARE that stupid.