Friday, July 03, 2009

Not getting any tonight!

Even Beckam can had a dry night... Next time, wear sunglasses! Happy Funny Foto Friday! (Click on foto to get the full effect!)


cmk said...


I just NEVER got the appeal of either one of them. Maybe it's a generational thing. ;)

Mushy said...

My old lady would have point'em out for me...she's cool that way! She knows what turns me on gets her turned on!

honkeie2 said...

Hey he is Beckam! He should have put her in her place and made her go get him a beer! ha!

Ranger Tom said...

Cmk: Niether have I.

Mushy: You are a lucky man. I'd have done that my ex would have cut me off for a month.

Honkeie: I see you're one of those progressives who's in tune with the feelings of today's women!