Friday, February 26, 2010

The Pussification of America, Part I


Sometimes, hell, most times I really wonder if I'm the only sane person left on this planet. I feel I've gone to sleep one day and awakened into a strange new universe, where everything looks normal, but somehow it's changed.

When I was a kid, I rode my bike without a helmet... Walked to school in the snow... Drank water right from the garden hose... and at ten years old I was one huge bruise all the time from playing out side, climbing (and falling out of) trees. I wasn't coddled. I played Little League baseball and really sucked at it at first. They still kept score and the losers didn't get trophies at the end of the season. It did hurt our pride, but we learned to strive to be better for the next year.

In losing it helped us better ourselves, because failure is a good thing.

Did we feel like shit? Yes, of course we did. Did it bruise our egos? Fuck yeah. Were we scarred for life? Fuck no. We learned from our mistakes and we learned to get better.

Now the kids who play Little League in games where they don't keep score... And everyone gets a damn trophy at the end of the season?

What the fuck does that teach the kids today?

To be pussies.

And expect everything handed to them and never earn anything.

We now live in an Entitlement Society... Where everyone expects to get everything handed to them. Heaven forbid you actually have to work for it!

Like Today's Army. A few years ago the History Channel got on to the "Reality Show" bandwagon and had a show about US Army Basic Training. They followed five recruits through the first eight weeks of Basic Training... I thought the show showed promise until I started watching it...

And pissed myself laughing.

And then wondered if we could win any wars at all.

"Time Out" cards and Drill Sergeants being nice to the recruits as not to damage their fragile psyches...

What the FUCK, over?

You know what my Basic Training was like? Watch "Full Metal Jacket" sometime if you haven't already seen it.

THAT'S what my Basic was like.

We're a Nation of fucking pussies.

What the fuck are you going to do when the enemy is desperately trying to kill you?

"Oh mommy! Please give me a Time Out to give to the bad man over there with the AK-47! This is just to much and I need a break!"

Give ME a fucking break.

And God Forbid we even OFFEND the enemy! They're the one's who tried to kill you, killed thousands of innocent people on 9~11 but for Christ's Sake don't offend them!

God, how this shit infuriates me...

Handing everyone shit I used to have to earn doesn't make them better, it makes them weaker and beholden to someone. It enslaves them.

Failure is a good thing.

God knows I've failed at a lot of things in my life. The last two serious relationships I've had have been utter failures, marrying, divorcing and then almost marrying women with Borderline Personality Disorder...

Did it hurt me? Yes. Did I fail? Yes. Did I learn valuable lessons from both? Of course I did! Did I blame someone else? No, because I was partly to blame for both messes for getting into relationships with someone even after the RED FLAGS were flying high.

Did I learn from my mistakes? Of course I did. Will I do it again?

Fuck no.
On to how this shit I've been saying meshes into work... My job isn't brain surgery. For what we get paid, I have a pretty easy job. But there's so much bullshit to deal with, and I'm not talking management. I've never seen a bigger bunch of whiny fucking crybabies in my life.

I really wish I had a nickel for every time I've heard "Well, it was such and such job, and he didn't do it! Why do we have to do it?"

Here's the fucking answer:

IT wasn't done, and it needs to be fucking done. Regardless of who's fucking job it was to do it in the fucking first place, get off your lazy fucking ass and fucking do it.

I'm paid from the time I punch in until I punch out. Whether it was my job or someone else, if it needs to be done, If I'm asked by my supervisor to do it, I'm going to do it, happily I might ad, because I'm fucking lucky to have a job in the first place.

And another thing... I've seen far too many people working HARDER and spending more time at getting out of work and pawning it off to someone else than just doing what's EXPECTED of them in the first place...

Far too many people care about two things where I work:

Payday and quitting time.

Instead of doing their fucking job.
When I started out on the railroad a few years ago as a conductor, if my engineer told me there's a problem with the trains air line, I'd do what was expected of me... Get out of the locomotive and fucking walk the entire train to find the problem... When I have 70 cars and after 30 minutes my air gauge looks like this (above) I expect you do get off your ass and find out what the problem is, not make excuses and tell me it's a "Hand Brake" because it won't fucking cut it.
When my air gauge should look like this...

Maybe I'm wrong.

I'll just suppose it's something minor and it really doesn't matter. It's just 2,800 TONS of railroad rolling stock that I won't be able to stop in time to not hit that school bus stuck at a crossing.

Fuck them kids! Kill em' all, because you didn't want to walk the train.

It wouldn't be my fault anyway.

It was because my Psyche was damaged as a child in Little League when I didn't get a trophy and I didn't wear a helmet while riding my bike, I got a RED "F" on my 8th Grade report card, my parents didn't coddle me and my Drill Sargent yelled at me and called me a dumbass...

I can't believe I have to get angry over this shit...

More to come later... I'm just getting started!

Copyright 2010 Thomas J Wolfenden


The Ramblin Hillbilly said...

That ones been brewing for a while has it?

Bryn said...

With you 100% on this issue. I look around the town I live in, and see a large group of.... let's be kind, call them humanoids.... who know all about their rights & entitlements, and not a single thing about personal & civic responsibility. WORK??? What's that?
Bear in mind we do have it worse over on this side of the pond, as our welfare state system actively encourages useless lives & the breeding of more useless humanoids.
Teenage, pregnant & single? This is an automatic green card to free housing & enough welfare payments to keep mum in tobacco & cheap beer until the youngest child reaches the age of 18. Add a "back back" for the notional father, and you have cradle to grave support of useless scum, with a licence to breed more of the same.

On the subject of children growing up & learning by painful errors, don't get me started on our beloved 'Elf'n Safety Executive'.....
An example of their worthy activities can be found at

Bryn, North Wales, UK

Ranger Tom said...

Bill: For a little bit...

Bryn: I have not yet begun to rant on this subject!


I completely agree.
The last time I took a CPR/First Aid course for work, I was stunned that they'd changed tthe rules, asked random questions of random people and everyone passed.

THAT'S bloody dangerous!

We live in an apathetic society where we aim to put forth the least amount for the most amount of gain.

I can't tell you how many nurses in nursing homes I have seen standing in hallways yakking when there aree so many patients that need tending o. We're here to work,not socialize...and I was always the odd one out for I had no time to chat at the expense of my patients[who were my bread and butter and deservd to be treated as such].
I hate apathy and incompetence.

Ranger Tom said...

Uber: Same here. This was actually said at a meeting I had to attend a few months ago; "Do you mean I have to go right to work as soon as I punch in?"

I'm pretty sure you heard my jaw hit the ground over there in the UK...

Anonymous said...

Payday and quitting time, yep, that's the mentality that wants Obamacare and all the share the wealth programs.

Becky said...

Easy for kids to become feminine with a great role model like our President, as my hubby calls him the Feminine Beta Male.

Ranger Tom said...

Leazwell: Very true... And what really infuriates me is how Obama talks down to us like we're all a bunch of idiots and we "just don't get it"...

Stormin said...

Couldn't agree with you more...

Thankfully in my field bonuses are based upon what get's done at work, and not how much time you spend there. Therefore everyone works their ass off from the time they get into the office until the time we close.

I am sick and tired of watching the youth in this country have everything handed to them. And then half the time you get to watch them turn around and disrespect the people that gave everything to them.

America (Young America) needs an ass kicking in the right direction.

Just telling it like it is said...

As I have said many times: Son if you don't win you can't come home...
He knows

FishEagle said...

You care too much about the pussies. Fuck 'em.

Kevin said...

I agree. In my school, if one kid get a cut or bruise, we buckled down for a shitstorm. Parents go ape shit and students act way overly dramatic. And most of the fat people (no offense) and the lazy-asses walk the lap we do daily in PE. They should be pushed to the breaking point but they aren't. Some of us faster kids walk it because we work hard and do our best everyday.

It's amazing that our once great nation has degraded to a bunch of overly sensitive, weak, dumb pussies

Keyboard said...

Yup. Been screaming this since 2007.