Monday, March 13, 2006


Between work, the fire department and writing I've been going flat out. My plans Friday were screwed, my buddy got tied up with another errand through no fault of his own so we didn't get to walk the railroad tracks like we wanted to, Plans I had Saturday got put on hold for a six-hour brushfire that wasn't even in our department's territory and as of this morning when I got done at work I have been awake for twenty three hours.
I'm the walking dead right now.
For the next several weekends I'll be busy with training with the fire department. I've got HazMat training this coming Friday and after that through to the end of April Firefighter Level 1 training so Ranger Tom will be very busy so I've decided to stop posting Saturdays and Sundays unless something extraordinary happens. I'll still be writing Monday through Friday, working on "Bridge of Sighs" and of course Funny Foto Friday will continue, but contrary to some people's opinions I don't live on my computer and I'll just be too busy to continue at this time posting every day.
Once the dust settles, probably near the middle of May I'll again post over the weekends but for now I'm just too damn busy.
I'm going and slipping into a coma now.
Copyright Thomas J Wolfenden


Courtney said...

I'll bet you ARE tired. Sleep well, and good luck with all the training :)

Bev said...

Do what you gotta do. Your faithful readers will understand.

tsduff said...

I rarely post on weekends... so Mondays are always catch-up anyway. You're fine. :-)

I'm sorry you didn't get to walk the rails - something nice to look forward to soon I hope.