Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer Agenda

I've said before I've a full schedule for this summer... I'm beginning to think it's easier at work. First things first, next month I'll be heading up to Titusville, FL to watch a Space Shuttle launch in person on May 12th, barring any complications with the weather. I've seen a few while living here, but not up-close & personal like being right at the Cape. My brother keeps telling me he was at an Apollo launch in the early 70's on a school trip and tells me it's quite spectacular. I'll keep you all informed and will definitely have pictures to post!
Secondly, I'm definitely getting down to the Keys again this summer... At least for four or five days. And of course, I'll have pictures this year to post on that adventure. I'll be doing my best Ernest Hemingway impression at Sloppy Joe's! (IE; getting really drunk)
Third, I'm actually going to pay into COBRA this year and get some major dental work done I've been putting off for too long. And maybe some of you will stop asking me to smile in my pictures! I will smile broadly after this summer!
Fourth, I've had another problem I've been putting off for a long time. Way too long as a matter of fact. I'm going in for surgery this summer to finally get rid of a really, really uncomfortable condition... I'll be out for about a week after that. It's got to get done though. The thing that pisses me off is this, I get really good medical & dental in the winter, but I work so much I don't have the time to utilize it.
Lastly... The one chore I'm dreading the most. I've been tasked by a few guys at my American Legion post to finish off the bar & lounge and get it opened by the fall. It needs to be done if the post is going to survive, but I'm in for an up-hill battle with some of the membership. Seems that some of them are religiously apposed to having the bar opened and because they feel it's against their religion to consume alcohol, they've decided to thrust their beliefs down everyone else's throats to the point that only three people showed for last month's meeting. The membership is down to under fifty members, most of them in late retirement. I've told them in the past that in order for the post to survive and thrive, to attract membership, we've got to get the bar opened to give people something to do... Come in, have a beer or two, shoot some darts or pool and swap war stories. Right now there's absolutely nothing to do there. It's a building gathering weeds. And to be honest, if I want a religious sermon, I'll go to church. I don't need to hear it at my Legion Hall and if my brothers & sisters want to come in to have a few adult beverages, I'm buying, they deserved it!
I'm going to need all the help I can get on this one, because I think I'll be going this one alone.
Oh, and to top that all off I've been writing about five pages a day of my novel... As soon as I finish the third rewrite of the first chapter I'll post it for you to peruse...
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Anonymous said...

Legion halls, I've been to a few. Good luck with that.

Becky said...

Dang that is a lot of work for the summer. I was gonna whine about taking Ethics and Psychology at the same time (and the millions of papers I'll have to write) but you've got your word cut out for you.

Do take pics of the launch and the keys. I wish I could go on vacation! Maybe I will after all... all depends on hubby's job.

weatherchazer said...

Good luck with the book- I'm stuck on mine.

And what the hell is a legion hall without alcohol?! Every one I've been in has a bar and a couple of pool tables.

Enjoy the launch and share the shots. Wish I was going to Key West- but my skin is glad I'm not! :)

Glad you got the haircut.