Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This scares me...

I keep on thinking that the last fifty years, post WWII, were for naught. Everything we fought so hard for during the Cold War was for absolutely nothing. This Gomer we have in what's turning out to be the most expensive Section 8 house in the country is giving it all away, Writ Large.

I'm by no stretch of the word in favor of a renewed McCarthyism, but one has to be either completly blind to history or a complete moron not so see what's happening.

If that happenes we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Video from Utube, text copyright Thomas J Wolfenden, 2009


Becky said...

This reminds me, at church last Sunday we had a woman give a talk about her past. She was born and raised in Czechoslovakia. About 1985 she was interested in becoming a Christian and joining our church, well, this wasn't that easy seeing as she lived in a communist country. They had to have church meetings in member's houses on the down low. To get baptized they had to wait until the summer when the "water reservoir" (as she called it) was thawed by her house. They had to wait until there was no one fishing so they could do the baptism. They all would have been thrown in jail, or worse if they had been caught. Our church printed out very small scriptures for them with red covers to disguise their identity.

After her talk my husband and I walked up to her to tell her how amazing her talk was. Husband told her hopefully it won't be like that here, and she pointed out that there are so many similarities between here and pre-communist Czechoslovakia that it really jars her when she sees it. I think it will happen if the liberals get there way.

After all liberals tend to have no religion, this could make a person feel more alone and as a result they desire to make a government that accepts them as a divine entity watching over them. Creepy isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

EVERY day something else slams us drivng us further left. I don't see anything to stop it. Not enough people object as we have seen from election results. Too many people here are anti-American, they approve what this government is doing which is killing the country.

weatherchazer said...

Where's a brick wall in the right place when you need it?!

Ranger Tom said...

Becky & Leazwell: Reminds me of something I heard once; "Those who refuse to remember history are doomed to repete it..." Orwell's 1984 is beginning to come true.

Weatherchazer: It's here in my living room, but now there's a huge dent in it in the shape of my head.

honkeie2 said...

I am begining to believe that Orwell was more of a Notrodams(sp) than Notrodams was!
I have re-read 1984 3 times and each time it seems to becoming more fact than fiction.