Monday, February 06, 2006

Blue Screen of Death

I'm back!

Shortly after I posted my Funny Foto Friday post, around 12:05 AM, I got what every user dreads, The Blue Screen of Death.
Nothing I did could let me reboot my computer... I was able to check my email Friday and Saturday from a buddy's computer but that's about it.
Luckily I live in a college town with a lot of starving computer geeks and I happen to know one. He was able to finally get my box fixed and dropped it off to me at work last night around midnight. It's not 100% though as now none of my drives are working except my C drive. Both my CD-ROM, CD-WR and my 3.5" floppy drive aren't working. But at least now I'm back. I did have a lot to write about over the weekend, more Barney Fife fuckups and Saturday was my first blogversary here... I'll get to them later this week so stay tuned!
Another bit of news now.
Those of you who are regular readers of Kat Woman's blog will notice it's gone. I didn't find this out until last night in a phone conversation with her. I won't get into in here, I'll let her tell the story in her own words when and if she chooses to start blogging again. I'll just say that it was rotten what happened and although it should have happened better, she's much better off now and I trust will be much happier. She's far to special of a person to let the bullshit she was putting up with get her down the way it did for as long as they did.
Kat, I'll say it for everyone, you will be sorely missed and we look forward to more of your funny EMS stories in the future... I know you have tons of them and they're just as good as my cop stories if not better! You nor I have barely scratched the surface of the really good ones... We've shared a bunch over Chinese so many times in the past and laughed until we've pissed ourselves. They should be told...
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


Sherri said...

Glad to see you're back! Happy belated blogversary as well! LOL

Lindsey said...

I noticed her blog was gone and remember her talking about possibly having to delete it. I hope she's well.

Glad you got your computer up and running. You know I know all about those problems. fortunately for me...I was finally able just to get a new one.

Cheryl said...

Happy Blogoversay! Looking forward to your posts to come.

Lisa said...

Happy Blog-o-versary.

And please tell Kat that I will miss her too. I really loved her blog. And I had wanted to add it to my links list.

Bev said...

Happy Blogoversary. Keep the posts coming.


ahamilton said...

Happy belated blogversary to you too!!! Sorry to hear about your computer problems.