Saturday, February 18, 2006

It figures

Of course that now I actually have weekends off the weather would naturally turn to shit. I've got my body-clock reset for daytime activities, I'm up ready to do some things and it's snowing.
Naturally Tuesday and Wednesday when I was working and had to sleep all day it was in the high 60's and sunny. All the snow that fell last weekend melted away and it was beautiful outside, now I'm off and it's shitty out, 25 F and supposed to fall all day to a low of 9 F tonight.
Well, I guess I'll just do my taxes, dishes and laundry... Another do-nothing day.
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


berly02 said...

The weather her is suppose to be cold and rainy. We had to cancel are camping trip. So crappy.

Sherri said...

I've got a blizzard and 1 degree.

It was definitely a movie renting weekend. Movie must see - Flight Plan with Jodi Foster. Excellent!

Courtney said...

Whatever! Do-nothing days are the best!!! Happy Saturday :)