Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here we go again

Every time I think I've seen or heard it all along comes something new to amaze me.
My long time readers know I really enjoy a overnight radio show called Coast To Coast AM. It's a syndicated show in over 500 markets across the country and deals with a lot of "X-Files" type stuff, along with alternative fuels and global warming, from Bigfoot, the Chupacabra and UFO's.
Being a natural skeptic I take a lot of what's with a slightly jaundiced view and listen primarily for entertainment.
But I don't ever dismiss it because some of the arguments for some of this stuff is really quite compelling. To dismiss it as impossible off the cuff would make me just as hypocritical as those folks who dismiss the possibility of aliens and life on other planets in the universe because of no scientific evidence to support it yet in the same breath vow a faith in a supreme being that controls the entire world and has a grand plan for us, not by definitive proof of that being's existence, but of blind faith that one is there.
So I listen, digest and ruminate over it.
This morning I hear this woman saying she's had prophesies of a meteor striking the earth and detailed out what is going to happen to the earth, specifically North America... Besides a whole bunch of other nasty shit coming down on the world.
If what she says is true and it's going to really happen, people in south Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, Maine and New York City should be really nervous right now and looking into flood insurance.
I can't dismiss any of this because giant meteors have struck the earth in the past causing great global upheaval... And I've had some really bizarre and vivid dreams of the same thing in the recent past... So I can't just disregard it as bullshit...
You decide. Go here:
And here:
It's an interesting read and this woman has done her homework, unlike another of Coast to Coast's guests I lampooned a few months back... The guy who was making "Anti-Alien Abduction Helmets". Go here for that little gem:
That guy was a whack-job... And if you look at the comments he actually found me and replied to my post...
Have a swell day and keep looking up!
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Cheryl said...

Haha! He found you! That is so funny!

Lisa said...

You make a very valid point about how people can say there's no other life out there because there's no evidence. Yet, they believe in a supreme being. You totally hit the nail on the head.

Sherri said...

Yikes! What are the odds that he would find your post??

I am totally fascinated by "x-files" type stuff, but it freaks the heck right out of me. Maybe I'm too much of a believer.

A. Darcy said...

...better pack up the kids and head north, thanks for the warning.

yep, it's me.... said...

bless her little heart - good thinf I am in NORTH texas