Thursday, February 23, 2006


After my post yesterday I was accused of being callous and cold hearted towards the soldier who was wounded in several emails I received. What I was trying to say was apparently lost on some people. I in no way was minimalizing what had happened to the soldier in question, only stating this practice has been going on for quite some time, through several presidential administrations over several decades. It annoys me to no end that some, mostly the left, are using this as another weapon to do damage to the present administration, how cold hearted they are and don't care about the soldiers fighting.
I do have some serious doubts about the current administration and several choices made over the last year or so, but the alternative in my mind is far worse. But that being said, the left in this country are trying every political trick in the book to do damage and it's not working. At least not on me. The latest is this blowup about the company in Dubai, UAE to manage several ports in the United States. How we've sold out.
Sold out?
You're just now coming up with that argument?
How about this little tidbit of information that I bet not a whole lot of you know. Did you know that the Ports of San Diego and Long Beach, California are run by a company out of Red China? Yes, the communist part. The part that hates us just as much as the Islamic Extremists. And this company running these ports on the west coast is a front company for the Chinese Secret Police? And would you be surprised that it's been running these ports for well over ten years? And just who was president then?
This same Red Chinese company also holds the contract for the daily operation of the Panama Canal. What do you think that would do to us if suddenly one day our navy couldn't use that canal?
Scary, isn't it?
How about this. During the Carter administration, when the country was in a chokehold from OPEC in a far worse fuel crisis than now, oil wells all over the US, but mainly in Texas and Oklahoma were being capped off and are still capped to this day? Have you filled your gas tank up at your local Citco station recently? Citco and it's 24,000 gas stations in the US are owned by Venezuela.
Why was it that fifteen years ago, when the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) sent out bids for new rail cars on the Broad Street Subway and Market~Frankford Elevated, the Budd Company, which was based right on Red Lion Rd. In Northeast Philadelphia, who had been making rail cars for years, who made the distinctive "AmCoach" cars for Amtrak, lost the contract to Mitsubishi in Japan?
Yes, it was cheaper for Septa to buy subway cars built halfway around the world than to buy them from a company right there in the same city.
The Budd Company is no longer in business. After over fifty years building excellent rail cars for railroads and rapid transit systems all over the country, that company went out of business.
We can't buy a TV set, stereo, DVD player, automobile built here anymore. I can't even buy a pair of goddamn socks that weren't made in Malaysia. Find one thing made in the country, and if you do, tell me it's made by a company completely US owned. Chrysler is owned by Daimler~Benz... Who made wonderful panzer tanks during WWII. Saturn is owned by a Japanese company. Bethlehem Steel closed down in Allentown, PA and now we get our steel from overseas.
But now we're sell outs.
It goes back almost a generation. Over forty years of bankrupt trade policies have sold us out. Not this administration.
Do you know what this country's main problem is? We're far to short sighted and forget all to fast.
I don't forget. Anything.
Hell, I'm still pissed off over Pearl Harbor.
I just don't want to hear it anymore. We've been sell-outs for years.
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


Lora said...

Bravo, Tom! I love it when you set the record straight. This is your writing at its best.

Sherri said...

Yikes! That's some scary stuff.

Miss Fire said...

Good post, man. When I can't listen to Rush, you're the next best thing for the truth.

berly02 said...

Are you really still pissed off about Pearl Harbor?

tsduff said...

Very well spoken Tom.

Okie said...

90% of everything "reported" in the national media is politicaly motivated. This port hubub is no different.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

(Raising my beer mug) Here, here!