Monday, November 14, 2005

Busy weekend

I sure picked a good time to join the volunteer fire department.
Two MVA's and three brushfires on Saturday. Those I didn't officially go out on but stayed at the station on "Stand By" but I have been learning a lot. It's going to be a while before I get to really do stuff because the next firefighter class doesn't start again until the spring.
It's also bringing back a lot of memories and I'm remembering at lot of things that I thought I had forgotten but picked right back up on.
Yesterday, for instance. We were paged for yet another MVA just north of town on Rt. 20. I got to the station at about the time when dispatch requested us to set up a LZ (landing zone) for the med-evac helicopter to land at the College. We arrived there meeting the campus cops and set up the LZ at the football field.
Soon the helo arrived and I jumped right in with both feet assisting the flight nurse and paramedics transfer the patient from the ambulance to the helo. I acted as if I had been doing it for years. I knew just what to do and when... Even though it's been over eight years since I've done anything remotely like it.
Maybe this is really good for me. I think it is.
But I do have to get used to that damn pager going off... And sleeping around it. At least it does tell me what kind of call it is, as for right now I'm basically pretty useless on medical calls. There's enough EMT's & paramedics on the squad to cover them, and if I did respond to them I'd just be in the way.
Anyway, I'm learning a lot, fitting in nicely (they're just about as nutty as me...) and I think maybe I'll do this for a while.
I also sorted out the bullshit with my landlord, sort of. He came banging at my door ar 6 PM last night (the reason I didn't make the first page for the MVA) but we did get the misunderstanding straightened out. I am still seriously looking for a new place though. I don't know how much more I can stand of his "memory lapses" and mood swings.
It rained most of the night too, so hopefully there won't be any brushfires in the next few days.
Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


Lindsey said...

Volunteer Fire Dept huh? Firefighters are hot. Any young cute ones available? :0)

Kat_womanx2 said...

ha ha ha ha....Tom, you might want to enlighten Linny about volunteer fire fighters....

Courtney said...

It's awesome that you're doing something so valuable with your time! You get the gold star for citizenship this month!!!

Becky said...

If volunteer firefighters are anything like National Guardsmen on "drill" weekends... there's a lot of beer-drinking and story-telling in the off hours. Am I right? :)

But seriously... sounds like work you're cut out for. Fits Tom to a T.

AJ Gentile said...

Hey, I see nothing wrong with becoming a firefighter just for the chicks.

You guys work hard and sacrifice alot. You should get some fringe benefits.

Kat_womanx2 said...

Its not all firemen...however, there are a certain few volunteer ones that you will come across that are the community idiots...not quite all there...alittle slow or off...enjoy flashing lights wayyyyyyy too much...they get sent there to play so they can talk on the radio and roll up hoses and feel important because they can't keep real usually see them being sent to direct traffic in hopes they will be run down by a passing motorist. BUT, you also have people like Tom there, smart intelligent men, that should be PAID firemen, that do the real service for the community. They are men that hold other jobs and sacrifice their free time to do this work, and most of THEM are married...Ranger Tom better watch out..he's liable to be snatched up before he knows what hit him...LOL