Sunday, November 13, 2005

Landlords suck

I'm really beginning to think my landlord has multiple personalities and he really gets his jollies breaking my balls.

I'm not going into a really long-winded explanation now, but I've been having sort of a pissing contest with him for the past several months. My long-time readers should recall he almost had me evicted back in July over an oversight at my bank with a rent check.

Well, it took a while but I got that sorted out, and then the next month it happened again. What it was, I'd deposit my paycheck on Friday, but unbeknownst to me, the bank wouldn't post it until the following Tuesday after I had already written checks on that money. The checks would be returned to my landlord. Ok, all well and good. I write him another check for the rent and now there was "insufficient funds" to cover that check because the bank hit me with fees and penalties for the first check.
Now you know why I say What the fuck so much.
Anyway, I talk to his 'manager', work out a payment plan. There's no fucking way in hell I'm going to be able to come up with two months' rent in three days. I give him, in cash, what I could then, and promise to pay him $200 a month over and above my regular rent until it's paid off. This was in August and it was going great, and I figured I'd have him squared away by the second week on December.
I go to leave for work last night and notice something taped to my door.
To: Tom Wolfenden, past due amount $654.16, due by 12 noon, 15th of November 2005.
Blah, blah blah... It goes on to mention eviction, yet again.
Where the fuck is he coming up with $654? Even if my math is off, including any late fees, I only owe him $260 more.
It's not like I'm a bad tenant either. I go to work, come home and that's it. No parties, no orgies, no cops pounding on my door... This whole place is full of college kids. They have all that shit going on every weekend. I've gone without a Goddamn phone for the past two months so I can pay him off. I've gone fucking hungry so I can pay him off. I let my damn auto insurance lapse to pay this little fuck off.
What a fucking colossal syphillic penis this jitbag is.
Well, just to let you all know if I disappear for a while I'll be living in the lounge over at the firehouse...
Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


Airforce Guy said...

No! pleas call me Tommy! im worryin a bout U ok?

Bev said...

Your landlord sucks, but so does your bank. Sorry.