Saturday, January 28, 2006

A few changes

My boss went and made some changes to my schedule that actually have me smiling. I'll actually be getting eight hours overtime a pay period and get the weekends off.

What he did was hire on a second guy to work opposite me, because on my days off the Town of Athens was left uncovered, and change the shifts from 10 PM to 6AM to a twelve hour, 8 PM to 8AM shift. So this means I'll be working Sunday through Wednesday.
This means I actually get weekends off steadily for the first time in I cant remember and get overtime pay on a regular basis even if it does mean I'll be back on twelve hours shifts, which I hate.
About fucking time.
Anyway, with the new schedule my posts won't be as early in the morning anymore. I'll be posting around 8:05 AM instead of 6:05 AM, Eastern Standard Time.
Now onto something completely different...
Thursday nights are my volunteer fire department's meeting/training night and this past Thursday was another first for me. We did a realistic search & rescue/ SCBA scenario using an old apartment building the the department owns that's been condemned, shitloads of smoke and full gear.
First thing I realized is that the SCBA is much lighter and a lot less restrictive than I would have thought. I was able to function normally with it on and had no problems... Well, one problem. As soon as I had the mask on, my nomex hood up and helmet on my nose began to run... WTF.
Second thing I realized was that even a small fire in an enclosed space emits copious amounts of thick smoke. That building Was so full of smoke I could barely see three feet in front of me, and I was crawling on the floor.
Pictures of that exercise forthcoming, as soon as a buddy emails them to me.
Have a great day!
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


Courtney said...

So wait - do you get three day weekends now? Thursday through Saturday? Because that would be SWEET...

Sherri said...

Good for you! Everyone needs a weekend!

Ranger Tom said...

Courtney: Yep, it means I'll get done work at 2AM Thursday morning and not have to be back in until 8PM Sunday night. Weekends off... I won't know what to do with myself.

Sherri: Not only do I need them, I deserve them... Ever since 1988 I've worked every weekend and holiday it seems. Time for me for a change.

cmk said...

When my hubby went back on shifts, he started working twelves. Of course, his rotation schedule is over 28 days, but his long weekend is a full 7 days! You sure don't have to use too many vacation days if you want to leave town! It isn't "normal" living, but I never did "normal" too well, ever. :)