Sunday, January 29, 2006

A loss for words

I know it might come as a shock to some of you, but I'm totally at a loss for words this morning.

The main reason for the new shift I'm on I found out last night when I got to work. Apparently the company I work for lost a contract down in Virginia and so as not to lay off one of the guys who's been employed with the company for several years they juggled my patrol around to give him forty hours.
I'm not complaining in the least about that because not only is it giving me weekends off, it's also gives me eight hours overtime in a two week pay period built in, guaranteed.
I got into work last night and found I'm now working with the dumbest person ever to reach adulthood. I could go on ad nauseum right now but I wont. I spent two hours with this guy on Thursday night giving him the rundown on the Athens Patrol. I'm here to tell you it's definitely not rocket science by a long shot and I really think a monkey could do my job.
But apparently monkeys are smarter than this fucking moron. I think he was born in the stupid tree, fell out and hit every branch on the way down.
I'm speechless.
When I get my wits about me again, probably tomorrow I'll write about it... Right now I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head.
The worst thing is he's procreated... More than once. The one thing he does that's already got me going is he writes and speaks in third person... All the time...
Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


berly02 said...

Do you have to train him?
Or just work with him?

Ranger Tom said...

Niether actually, not in the real sense as if he's my partner. I follow him as he works my days off... I'm already hearing things though from folks on my beat. It's that and I've got to straighten out his fuckups in the paperwork. I might scan one of his partol logs later this week to post. Reading them is a hoot.

Lisa said...

I'm betting he's from Missouri. Most morons are from here. And they seem to live to DRIVE here too.

Bev said...

So he aint the sharpest knife in the drawer, at least it gives you new material, as if you need it; you always have a story.

Kat_womanx2 said...

Lets pair him up with Bill the Pill..I had 24 hours of THAT yesterday

honkeie2 said...

And they gave him a gun!?!?! If there is ever a shoot out standing in front of him might be the safest place.

ahamilton said...

I am looking forward to the stories that are going to come from this.