Sunday, January 15, 2006

One more reason

I'm glad I'm not in law enforcement anymore.

Christopher Penley, of Winter Springs, Florida was accused of pulling what was later discovered to be a pellet gun in a classroom Friday and pointing it at other students. When he later raised the weapon at a deputy, a SWAT team member shot him.

This is a kid, who repeatedly stated he wanted to kill himself... And just last month said he was going to blow up a school bus.

This kid was deeply disturbed, and now that he's brain dead and they're harvesting his organs, the lawyers are crawling out from under the rocks like the bottom feeders they are looking to sue everyone.

"Well Tom, it was only a BB gun!"

It sure as shit looked like a real Berretta 9mm to me. If was was in the same position as the deputy, I'd have drilled the kid too.

Do we need another Columbine to jar us to the fact that we're over medicating our kids into catatonia and ignoring all the warning signs that something is dreadfully wrong with your kids... "Not my kid! It's only a phase!"

Phase my ass.

Disliking some of your teachers and fellow students is a phase. Talking about suicide and blowing up school buses is not.

You want to know who I blame? That parents and school faculty for not noticing the signs of a severely disturbed individual.

I do not blame the cop. He was just doing his job. So many people are willing to go out and be Monday Morning Quarterbacks on a job they have no clue about.
I'm sick of being second guessed.

Copyright 2006 Thomas J Wolfenden


Sherri said...

speaking as a parent, sometimes those signs aren't as visible as you may think. I was a kid once, and I have kids of my own, kids have a tendency of hiding things from their parents. Insecurities, disbelief, feelings of inadequacy.

Okie said...

Sounds like this kid made the signs pretty obvious, though. From what I've seen and heard, the cop did nothing wrong.

Lindsey said...

I hate to say it...but I would have shot him too had I been in the same situation.

The whole thing is just so sad.

Bev said...

I agree about the parents thing. I think if parents discipline their children and take an active role in their life (which shows they care) then the children would be less likely to want to blow up a school or something. Unfortunately there are some parents who take the easy way out and let someone else (or something else, ie TV) raise their child.

Courtney said...

I think adults forget how hard it is to be a kid. Kids can be mean and relentless.
But at the same time, it's never justified to pull out a gun and start shooting up the people who tease you. Life shouldn't be that intense.
It makes you really wonder what's happening today to ignite such a dangerous and violent trend.

honkeie2 said...

People like to place blame instead of trying to deal with the facts. As a parent I can see how other parents do see things. Most of the ppl my age with kids dont parent them and dont care to. They seem to have them just for the novelty of it but with no desire to put any real parenting time in. Then when their kids come out little shits they blame tv and video games because they really have no idea who they are.