Thursday, February 10, 2005

I Don't Need Another Mother

First off, I'll begin by telling you I was married for 9 years, together with my ex for 10 years. I'm separated now for a year and my divorce should be final on March 3rd so I'm still kind of new to the dating scene again.

Here's what's baffling me. The last few women I've dated when they found out I was newly separated and living alone, instantly tried to become my mother.I'm 39 and have been on my own since I was 17. I even waited to get married until I was 30. I am not helpless.

I can cook (I'm a pretty good one, I think), clean house, do dishes, run a vacuum cleaner and do the grocery shopping. I can even sew and I really prefer to do my own laundry. In fact I prefer to do all of these things myself. I do not need a mother. I already had one. She was great and did a good job at raising me, but she's gone now three years. Although I miss her dearly, I don't need another one. I'll give you an example. This happened with the last woman I was seeing. I was cooking supper one night and heard a knock on my door. I go to answer it and I find the woman I'm seeing (I'm not even to date three with this woman) standing there with a huge plate of food. She said she thought I might be hungry so she brought some food over. Now I point out that I'm already halfway through roasting a chicken and potatoes and had my veggies on the range. She sighed, put the plate down and asked to use the facilities. You have to go through my bedroom to get to the bathroom in my apartment, by the way. It was taking her an unusual amount of time, so went into the bedroom. There I found her re-folding my laundry that I had sitting on my bed ready to be put away. She said I had folded them "wrong"....

Well, I've been folding my clothes the same way since I've been twelve or thirteen and I kind of like the way I fold them. Needless to say I ate my roast chicken alone that night and didn't get to date number three. I'm just curious about this since it's been a while since I've been "On the Market" so to speak and I really don't remember women being like this when I was single before. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden

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DivineMsN said...

Absolutely not. Some men are capable of taking care of themselves others need some help. I am not familar with your dating circumstances or with this individual woman but it seems to me women get to an age when they want to nuture and you are a prime candidate. She may have gone over the edge with the whole laundry thing but I am sure her intentions were good. :)