Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Please sit down for this one

In the imortal words of humorist Dave Barry, "I am NOT making this up!" Really and truely.

I read this in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia) a few Sundays ago. I'll paraphrase it here because it wasn't on thier website and the article was too long to transcribe. But this was what the article said, in a nushell. And no, I didn't reword it to fit my beliefs. Just quoted what I thought was relevant to get the whole story. I'll trust all of you are sitting down...

Here it goes:

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Evidently not satisfied with gun control, Scotland is embarking on a campaign of knife control. It will begin with a ban of such items as samurai swords. The legal age for the purchase of a knife will rise from 16 to 18, and the purchase of non-domestic knives will require a permit. According to an article in the Scottish Daily Record & Sunday Mail Scotland, had 127 "unlawfull killings" in 2002, and "more than half of the victims died from knife wounds." It says blades "are almost entirely to blame for a rise in the overall number of murders." An unnamed government source is quoted as saying, "Ministers accept that it wil take time to eliminate the knife culture completely." But Scotland aims to try. An editorial in the same newspaper is pleased that the government is acting "at last" --because "kives kill, They maim." End

Now knives kill and maim?????? Watch out! There's a notorious group of dirks hanging out on that corner... What's next? Pointed sticks? Harsh language? (Oh, they did do that in Kalifornia...) Sounds like to me that same rantings of some anti-gun folk, and it still doesn't make sense.

And some people wonder why I believe society has no redeeming qualities.

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