Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One Tough Neighborhood

I live in the south now, but I grew up in an Irish~German neighborhood in Philadelphia. It was tough to say the least. I'd leave school, check my watch to make sure I wasn't late for my 3:30 ass-kicking. I got my ass kicked every day in high school. It didn't make me a pussy. On the contrary, it made me a tough, bitter resentful adult...

I went to a catholic school also. I got my ass kicked by the nuns in school, got my ass kicked by the bullies after school and then got my ass kicked by my dad when I got home for pissing off the nuns and not kicking someone's ass in the fight. I couldn't win.

But that's not what I'm writing about. I'm writing about Philadelphia and how tough some neighborhoods are there. People talk about how bad New York and Detroit are. Well, in my opinion, they're nothing compared to some places in South Philadelphia. (Pronounced 'south Philly')

This is a true story. All I have to say is "What the hell was this guy thinking?" Apparently, this guy (I forget his name and have lost the newspaper clipping) Was hanging around outside of St. Maria Goretti girl's highschool in south Philly and exposing himself to the pure and innocent little catholic schoolgirls on and off for several weeks. The police could never apprehend him. He seemed to vanish into thin air by the time they arrived at the scene.

On the day of his last exposure, so to speak, do you know what these pure and innocent catholic schoolgirls did? Did they again blush and run away? Nope. They chased this dumbass four blocks and when this group of pure and innocent catholic schoolgirls caught up to him, they proceeded to beat the living shit out of him. After a good ass kicking, they held him for police. Not that that was necessary, he wound up in intensive Care for a few days.

Want to end the violence in the middle east? Send the entire student body of St. Maria Goretti high school. Problem will be over two days, three tops.

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