Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm definitely crazy...

I did it today. I've been kind of spinning my wheels since 9-11 wanting to do something. Since watching the towers fall live on Fox News, I've been chomping at the bit.

No matter what you feel about the war we're in right now, we're in it for better or worse. We have to finish it, not leave it hang like we did in Viet Nam. If we just pull out of Iraq right now my brothers and sisters who died there will have died in vain. I don't want to see that.

Today I contacted the West Virginia Army National Guard and talked at length to a recruiter. I've made up my mind that even though I did five years in the Army back in the 80's, I'm going to reenlist. They've raised the recruiting age from 35 to 40. I'm 39, so I'm just squeaking under the wire but I have to do something.

Sometimes a guy just has to do what he feels is right. I'm going to reenlist, and if I can I'm going to volunteer for service in Iraq.

Wish me luck.