Thursday, March 03, 2005

Law & Order... Again?

Ok. What's up with NBC? Now another series on Law & Order? Now we have Law & Order, Trial by Jury... What's this, about the twelfth spin-off now? Look at the NBC line up for one week. I think it's about two thirds of their programming is some sort of "L&O" episode...

I think we should start calling NBC the "Law & Order, All the Time!" network. Jesus. The show was great. But talk about beating a dead horse. In between the A&E network and CBS, turn on your TV anytime of the day or night and you have some sort of Law & Order show. Can't the NBC executives come up with something else? Oh yeah, they do have "Survivor"... Another no-brainer.

What's next? "Law & Order, Garbage Enforcement Unit" or "Law & Order, Bike Patrol Unit"? "Law & Order, Parking Enforcement Unit"? I know, how about this choice: "Law & Order, Health Code Enforcement Unit" where each week you'll see the nefarious health-code scofflaws.... Is there really cat in the General Tso's Chicken? Or did that cook wash his hands? Oh my God! The Jewish Deli on the lower east side has roaches!

All said and done, I'll still read a book...

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden

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Becky said...

How about, "Law and Order: Animal Control"? Uh-oh... this week... ripped from the headlines... 20 local residents pay fines for failure to have dog tags. Next week... the pooper scooper enforced!

Take care.