Saturday, May 14, 2005

Charged with what?

Last night at work I was reading the Beckley, WV newspaper, The Register~Herald. On the back page of the last section there was a list of all those indictments handed down by the Grand Jury in Fayette and Raleigh counties, listing the names, ages and towns of residence of those being charged and the said charges.

That's a good thing, as sometimes shame does have a way of really deterring some crimes. Philadelphia did it a while back. They published the names of the "Johns" arrested for solicitation.

One charge had me baffled though.

What the hell is "Uttering"?


"Michelle Bragg, 26, of Beckley, Uttering, 17 counts"

Well, if uttering is against the law I'd be in jail for the rest of my life. I utter dumb shit all day.

I did a Google search and still couldn't find anything. I know there's some really stupid laws on the books. I remember these from the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. These were still on the books as of 1998 when I left the job:

"Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. If the horses appear skittish, the motorist must take his car apart, piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes." (Mr. Goodwrench in your trunk, I presume?)

In Morrisville PA, These two local ordinances:

"women need a permit to wear cosmetics" (There's a lot of jokes I can think of with that one...)

"Ministers are forbidden from performing marriages when either the bride or groom is drunk" (Well, that leaves me out from getting married in Morrisville. I'd HAVE to be drunk to do that again...)

In Harrisburg, PA, local ordinance:

"it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver inside a toll booth" (Someone I know should get a big laugh out of that one, LOL)

Ok, so I need your help. If anyone knows what the hell the crime of "Uttering" is, please let me know?

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Kat_womanx2 said...

One definition I read said..."uttering: to put into circulation as in; uttering counterfiet currency" WV doesn't really have a big problem with the cash flow, seeing as how everyone mostly is into welfare fraud and medicaid fraud..if someone needs alittle cash they either sell alittle dope or alittle ass...LOL. Most people around here don't have the means to purchase one of those high tech printers to make counterfiet currency. Biggest idiot I knew trying to "pull one over" was in Rainelle, WV...with rolled dimes..yes, you heard me right. This genius shoved pennies into paper dime tubes then placed a real dime on either end just incase a rocket scientist might open just the end of the roll to check it. This little work of art netted a whole $4.32 profit a hit. But, don't under estimate the genuises of Greenbrier county. They hit 5 convenience stores, 2 grocery stores and a sporting goods store before their jig was up. At last count I believe the local police estimated about $500.00 worth of loss to the community.

I do believe the term "uttering" pertains to anything they can't come up with an actual charge for. Seems like I see that word more now in place of people being charged with slander, or writing worthless best guess would be the check thing, but I will check into that for you and get back with you on it.

And yes, I did get a kick out of the toll booth law, I sat here staring off into space trying to imagine this, and then SH"uttered" at the mere thought of it, especially knowing someone out there had to do this in order for someone to not like it and make a law against it....things that make me go...EEEEWWWWWWWOHMYGOD!!!

Ranger Tom said...

Well thank you! (And I just knew you'd get a kick out of that toll booth law...)