Saturday, October 08, 2005

Only in America

First came the drive-through hamburgers, then it was drive-up ATM's, drive-through pharmacies and dry cleaners. You can even get married in drive-up wedding chapels and divorced by drive-through lawyers in Las Vegas.

But only in American would you find the two things that should never, ever be put together into a drive through, or any store for that matter. Guns and booze NEVER mix...

Pictured here is a drive through combination gun shop & liquor store in Williams, Arizona. I shit you not. I took the picture, it's really there. Look it up. You can hardly see it in this picture I took, but the letters in the window advertise "Booze, bows and bullets!"

I can see the franchise opportunities now...

"Welcome to McRambo's, may I take your order?"

"Yeah, I'll have a number three with Quervo Gold."

"Will that be the .38 Special or the Magnum?"

"Eh, the magnum."

"Hollow point or round-nosed lead?"

"Hollow point."

"Anything else this morning sir?"

"Yeah, I'll have a fifth of Jack Daniels and some 12 gauge buckshot."

"Ok sir, your total is $37.93, please drive around to the second window..."

What the fuck...

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


Sydney said...

I bought my favorite oops, :X use of that word implies that I might have more than one. hmmm... well anyway, knife in Louisiana at a convenience store that sells beer, wine and gas and has a HUGE vat of knives - where? - RIGHT NEXT TO THE CASH REGISTER OF COURSE!

Now before you think about how stupid that is and how easy it would be to grab a knife and hold the store up, think of this. If they have a huge vat of knives NEXT to the cash register, just think about what the guy BEHIND the register's got. My money's on an Uzi.

Airforce Guy said...

I remember that place Tom! remember how you used to joke about picking up some booze and bullets!


Your still the same!!!!!