Monday, January 29, 2007

One step up, two steps back...

Ok, it never fails. Every fucking time I think I'm getting ahead, something or someone comes along to fuck it up.
This is what happened this time.
I bought my new truck last month, paid cash for it. There was a few little things wrong with it, but you expect that when you get a vehicle that's just about 13 years old. But I should have fucking known when the dealer was an Italian guy from North Jersey.
Fucking Wop Guinny bastard.
So about a week ago I start to get the really bad vibration when I hit 35 MPH. Felt exactly like a Universal joint going out. No biggie thinks I, I'll take it to the shop and have them replace it. It's not a really major deal if you get it in time... If you let a U-Joint go for to long you run the risk of the drive shaft falling out.
Definately ungood.
So I thought I'd get it taken care of as soon as possible. I dropped it off at the shop here in town last week and get a call from them the next day.
It wasn't the U-Joint.
I have a dead cylider. One of the cylinders isn't firing at all and when the RPM's get up to the high range the motor runs ragged, making it feel just like a U-Joint. No compression at all in N. 8 cylider.
(And before any of you think to say it, yes, now I know I'm not running on all eight cyliders... And the car had no warranty, it was sold "as is"... And everything checked out ok when I drove it off the lot)
So now this morning I have to drop in off again for a complete valve job... Going to run me around $1,000.
On top of that I've got to rent a car because I can't keep asling my buddy JP to pick me up every day for the next week, it's unfair to him. And I do prefer to have a little freedom.
So, this is just another in a long line of reasons why my No. 1 phraze to come out of my mouth is "What The Fuck!"
Copyright 2007 Thomas J Wolfenden


Mushy said...

Unlike my brother, who will not own a new vehicle, I don't buy used because of hidden problems. The last used truck I bought looked great, but soon began to lose water. Turned out the head was cracked and only leaked when driven.

Lucky for me it still had some factory warranty left and Ford fixed it.

mist1 said...

Before you fix it, can I get a ride at about 40mph? I like vibration.

cmk said...

We usually buy new so there aren't any problems (???)--and because we are still paying on it, we don't even have to buy gas! Wait, you mean that ISN'T a part of the buying-new deal??? You mean we pay ALL that money every month just for the privilege of driving the damn vehicle? Oh, well, never mind--go back to your day.

weatherchazer said...

My current vehicle WAS new (POS) because prior used vehicles were all P's OS- Hmm...Seems I still F*cked Up! Maybe I'll just walk.

The RHS said...

look at the bright side: when you finish dumping all the money into it it'll run just like new!

Burg said...

I say we all go back to the horse and buggy. Or, we could all become Amish and use that anyway.

No, that wouldn't work.. I'd get kicked out on my first day because I don't think the Amish are allowed to say "shit."