Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reader participation required!

Got a few emails about my post yesterday... Namely, Hey RT, what the fuck are you talking about with the 'Ask RT' stuff?"
Ok. Here it goes. This is what I need you to do. Glean through your local newspapers and send me the letters to "Dear Abby" and the like... Don't send me the replies.
That'll be my job.
I'll answer the questions... In my own acerbic and caustic style.
Go here for an example:
You'll laugh so hard you'll piss your pants.
Copyright 2007 Thomas J Wolfenden


Outdoorsy Girl said...

You should definitely bring back Ask RT!

Anonymous said...

Piss my pants? Hell, Tom...I've well over 30 with two kids. I can do that with a good sneeze! ;)

Anonymous said...

erm. "I'm" not "I've" .. that's what copy editors are for.

mist1 said...

Newspaper? What's that?