Friday, July 29, 2005

Delivering quality?

Last Thursday I mailed a small package to a friend a few towns away. It wasn't that large, about six inches by ten inches, and not all that heavy, only about twelve ounces.

I sent this package first class but since I've never had any trouble getting anything I've mailed in the past to my friend at this address I didn't feel I needed to insure it or pay extra for tracking.

I thought wrong.

I get a PM from my friend this morning saying the package still hasn't arrived. It's been eight days now, and since this address is only about thirty miles from my post office, it should have gotten there by now. I went to my post office and the postmaster there said I can't file a missing mail report for thirty days. It would have been easier to drive up to my friend's house and drop it off myself. Things I've mailed to Australia have gotten there faster.

All this right after I sent in a questionnaire the USPS sent me last month, giving them a glowing review on their services, since I've never had a problem with my mail service before, besides getting other people's mail in my post office box constantly.


I'm a firm believer that no good deed goes unpunished.

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


chris said...

tommie boy so very true mate lol, I got a letter the other day from the tax department in Vancouver 25 miles away and it took 10 days to get here, versus the parcel I send to new zealand that took 8 days go figure eh
good up the good work here mate, just remember you are not alone out there lol

Ranger Tom said...

Nice to hear from you Chris... My favorite Cannuck! Hope you're still keeping your powder dry uot there in Vancouver. Meet up with you in the Boozer some night? It's your shout!

Us bitterly divorced guys have to stick together...