Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's just a game

This is just sick and wrong.

Mark R. Downs, of Dunbar, PA is accused of paying $25 to one teammate on his T-Ball team he was coaching to injure another disabled boy so the boy wouldn't have to play.


These are eight year olds you dickhead! Disabled or not, what the fuck would posses this asshole to actually pay to have this kid hurt? It's a bunch of kids for Christ's sake, and it's a Goddamn game! Let them play and have fun!

When I was that age, I played little league. I wasn't all that good, in fact I sucked. But my coach did what coaches are supposed to do.

He coached me, and through that coaching I played better. In fact, after a few years I became a pretty good 1st baseman and being a southpaw a fair pitcher. Because my coach coached me.

I know that's a unique concept.

Helping a kid play better is what you're supposed to do, not benching him or having one of his team mates whale him in the head with a baseball so he wouldn't play.

That's teaching teamwork and fair play, asshole?

I'll tell you this much. That coach better be damn glad he didn't do that to my kid (if I had a kid) because he'd have more to worry about that getting beaned with a baseball.

And some people still don't get it when I say society as we know it has no redeeming qualities.

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden

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